10 Reasons Why Sleep Is Great For Your Overall Health

10 Reasons Why Sleep Is Great For Your Overall Health

Sleep is often viewed as a necessary evil. We know we need it, but sometimes it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day to get enough shut-eye. This can be due to work, social obligations, or our general busyness.

But what if we told you that sleep is one of the best things you can do for your overall health? That’s right; there are many benefits to getting a good night’s sleep beyond just feeling rested. The recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours per night, but a recent survey shows nearly one-third of Americans are not getting the recommended amount.

In this article, we’ll explore ten reasons sleep is excellent for overall health. By the end, you’ll see that the benefits of sleep go way beyond just feeling rested.


10 Reasons Why Sleep Is Great For Your Overall Health

1. Sleep boosts your immune system

When you catch a cold or the flu, one of the first things your doctor will tell you to do is get plenty of rest. That’s because sleep plays a crucial role in immunity. A lack of sleep can make you more susceptible to illness and prolong the duration of an illness if you do happen to get sick.

2. Sleep improves your mental health

Sleep is essential for a healthy mind. A good night’s sleep can help you feel more alert and productive during the day and improve your mood. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, can lead to irritability, anxiety, and depression.

3. Sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, getting enough sleep is key. Sleep deprivation can disrupt hormones that regulate appetite, leading to increased hunger and cravings. On the other hand, getting enough sleep can help keep these hormones balanced and minimize late-night snacking.

4. Sleep reduces stress

Feeling stressed? Getting some extra shut-eye may help. Sleep allows your body to recover from the day’s events and can help reduce stress levels.

5. Sleep enhances brain function

Sleep is essential for brain health. During sleep, your brain consolidates memories and processes information you’ve learned during the day. A lack of sleep can interfere with these processes and lead to problems with memory, focus, and concentration.

6. Sleep lowers your risk of accidents

Whether driving a car or operating machinery, getting enough sleep is crucial. Fatigue can impair your judgment and reaction time, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

7. Sleep improves athletic performance

Getting enough sleep is essential for peak performance if you’re an athlete. Sleep helps your body recover from the physical demands of exercise and can improve your energy levels, coordination, and stamina.

8. Sleep boosts your energy levels

Feeling tired all the time? You might need more sleep. A good night’s sleep can help you feel more energetic during the day. And if you’re struggling to get through the day with just a few hours of sleep, napping can also be beneficial. Make sure you don’t nap for too long, as this can interfere with nighttime sleep.

9. Sleep improves your skin health

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Lack of sleep can lead to wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, and a dull complexion. So if you want to keep your skin looking its best, ensure you’re getting enough zzz’s.

10. Sleep strengthens your heart

In addition to all of the other benefits, sleep is also good for your heart. A lack of sleep can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep to keep your heart healthy.

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Natural Remedies To Induce Sleep

Herbal properties have been used for centuries to help with several ailments, including helping people fall asleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can try a few natural remedies.

Herbal tea: Chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm tea are all helpful for sleep.

Essential oils: Lavender oil is a popular choice for inducing sleep. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to your diffuser or your bathtub before bedtime.

Relaxation techniques: Techniques like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can help relax the body and mind and prepare you for sleep. You can also try vaping Delta 8 THC Vape Carts to help you relax.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may be putting your health at risk. A lack of sleep can lead to a number of problems, including:

  • Increased stress levels:
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Weight gain
  • Memory problems
  • Poor concentration and focus
  • Increased risk of accidents
  • Heart disease and stroke

So make sure you get enough sleep every night to protect your health and well-being.


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Look After Yourself Better in 2022 & Beyond

Look After Yourself Better in 2022 & Beyond

There are so many unique ideas you need to come up with when you focus on improving your life as much as possible. This means you need to think about the best ways to achieve success in your life, and there are loads of excellent steps you can take that will allow you to look after yourself better this year. 


2022 has been an intense year for many people and taking steps to help make your life better, and more enjoyable is essential. These are some of the key things you need to make the most of as much as possible, and you can use them to improve your life and be the best version of yourself. Here are some of the best ways of looking after yourself better in 2022 and beyond:

Look After Yourself Better in 2022 & Beyond hope zvara blog image


Look At Yourself Better in 2022 and Beyond

Beauty Tips


There are loads of excellent health and beauty hacks you can use here, which you need to make the most of when it comes to beautifying yourself. This could take the form of a makeover, a new hairstyle, or a brand-new wardrobe, and it is essential to make sure you come up with some of the best ideas that will allow you to achieve this. A beaming smile can also make a massive difference, which you can achieve through Invisalign aligners. There are loads of excellent ways to achieve success from this, and you must focus on your beauty tips as much as possible.


Weight Loss


Weight loss is one of the key elements that play a role in improving your life and ensuring you work on your health and wellness as much as possible. Make sure you focus on some of the best things you can do to improve your weight loss journey and coming up with an intense exercise regimen as a gym goer is one of the critical factors that will help you with this. It is essential that you make the most of some of the key ideas that will help you lose weight, which plays a massive role in this process as much as possible.


Improve Mental Health


Mental health and well-being are key factors that play a role in helping to improve your life, and there are loads of great things that play a part in this. You have to try to take steps that will help you improve your mental health, and this is something you need to make the most of. Working on boosting and improving your mental health is one of the best things you can do to improve this, and you need to work on doing the best you can.


There are loads of significant steps you can take that will help you when you are looking to make your life better this year, and these are some of the key ideas you can use to improve this. Make sure you focus on what you can do to make your life better, which is something you need to make the most of as much as possible.


7 Things Your Athletic Kid Always Needs In Their Bag

7 Things Your Athletic Kid Always Needs In Their Bag

As an athlete’s parent, you know they need a lot of gear to compete. From water bottles to extra clothes, a lot goes into preparing for game day. That’s why it’s essential to have everything your athletic kid needs in their athletic bag. In this blog post, we will discuss the seven essential items that every athlete should have with them at all times!

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7 Things Your Athletic Kid Needs In Their Bag:

Water Bottle

This is a no-brainer, but ensuring your athletic kid stays hydrated during practices and games is essential. A water bottle with a straw is ideal, so they can easily take sips while on the go. If you live in a hot climate, consider getting a water bottle with a built-in filter. This will help remove any impurities from the water and make it even more refreshing for your child to drink. Insulated water bottles are a great option in cooler climates to keep the water from freezing. No matter your climate, encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day!


Extra Clothes

Whether it’s an extra pair of socks or a change of clothes, it’s always a good idea to have some extra items in an emergency. For example, if your child gets sweaty during a game or practice, they can quickly change into something dry and be back on the field in no time.


First Aid Kit

You never know when an injury will occur, so it’s always best to be prepared. A small first aid kit should include bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and tape. This way, you can quickly treat any cuts or scrapes your child may get during a practice or game. If your child has allergies, include the appropriate medication in the first aid kit. EpiPens are a must-have for athletes with severe allergies! Pack some pain relief medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which is also a good idea. This will be handy if your child gets injured and needs some relief. My older kids have one, and it has been a vast save several times for various reasons, from cuts to scrapes, slivers, and bee stings. You just never know!


Kinesiology Tape Rolls 

With so much running and jumping, athletes are susceptible to injuries. Kinesiology tape can help provide support to muscles and joints, which can prevent injuries from occurring. If your child does get injured, kinesiology tape can also help speed up the healing process. By wearing the tape during practices and games, your child can stay active while their injury heals. You can buy kinesiology tape rolls at kttape.com, and if you’re unsure how to apply the tape, plenty of instructional videos are available online. Kinesiology tape is a must-have for any athlete! Pack a few rolls in your child’s bag, so they’re always prepared. I just started using this with my oldest son, and when it comes to football, a little tape has helped for a few minor injuries, when you have an athletic kid I encourage you to explore all options when it comes to supporting them, especially with sports injuries. 



Your child will need to refuel after a long practice or game, so it’s essential to pack some healthy snacks. Granola bars, fruits, and nuts are all great options to give your child the energy they need. Encourage your child to eat a nutritious snack within 30 minutes of finishing their practice or game. This will help them refuel and recover quickly to prepare for their next activity. And when that athletic kid gets home, offer them a smoothie, eggs, or something packed with protein to keep them whole, help them recover, and leave them feeling their best! 



No matter what time of year it is, sunscreen is always a good idea. If your child is going to be outside for an extended period, be sure to apply sunscreen to their skin. This will help protect them from the sun’s harmful rays and prevent sunburns. Make sure you check the labels for what your sunscreen is made with; there are a lot of options out there, my personal favorite is zinc-based sunscreen. 


Bug Spray

Bugs can be a nuisance, especially when you’re trying to focus on your game. Be sure to pack bug spray in your child’s bag so they can quickly get rid of any pesky insects. Bug spray is also a good idea if your child plays in an outdoor tournament. By having bug spray on hand, they can avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects.


As you can see, there are many different things that your child will need in their bag when they’re playing sports. By having all of these items on hand, you can be sure that they’ll be prepared for anything.

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What to Do When You’re Not Manifesting Your Goals

What to Do When You’re Not Manifesting Your Goals

It’s a universal law—like gravity—that we attract what we focus on. So, if you do not see results in your life, it’s likely because your attention is elsewhere. Maybe you’re focusing on what you don’t want instead of what you do want. Maybe you’re trying to manifest your goals from a place of lack instead of abundance. Whatever the case may be, the key is to get back into alignment with what you desire. Here are four steps to help you do just that.

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1. Get clear on what you want

The first step is to get clear about what it is that you want to manifest in your life. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to be as specific as possible. For example, rather than saying, “I want to be rich,” say, “I want to earn an annual salary of $100,000.” The more specific you are, the better able you will be to create a plan of action and measure your progress.

2. Visualize what success looks like

The next step is to close your eyes and imagine what success looks like for you. What does it feel like? What does it smell like? What does it sound like? Really try to engage as many senses as possible so you can see and feel yourself achieving your goal. The more realistic and vivid the visualization, the better. Tip: It can be helpful to create a vision board or write out your goals in detail to help with this step.

3. Take inspired actions steps

The third step is to take inspired action steps towards your goal. This means taking actions that align with what you want to achieve and that feels good to you. It’s important not to set yourself up for failure by taking on too much too soon or by taking actions that are not in line with your goal. It could be that you finally need to reach out to OH Parsons or hire a trainer. It’s all about ‘doing’ and taking action.

4. Believe that it’s possible (and have faith)

The last and final step is probably the most important one: believe that it’s possible for you to achieve your goal and have faith that it will happen in due time. This might require some soul-searching on your part—especially if you’ve been disappointed in the past—but know that all things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23). Trust that the universe has a plan for you and know that everything happens for a reason (even if we can’t always see it at the time). Keep the faith, and don’t give up!

Making it Work For You

Remember, whatever your goal may be, it’s essential to keep these four principles in mind: get clear about what you want, visualize what success looks like, take inspired action steps, and believe that it’s possible (and have faith). By doing so, you will be well on manifesting your dreams into reality!


How to Manage Chronic Fatigue and Pain

How to Manage Chronic Fatigue and Pain

How to Manage Chronic Fatigue and Pain hope zvara blog image

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More and more people are experiencing chronic fatigue. Part of this is due to the still little-understood long covid, where people who have contracted Covid-19 continue to suffer from symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness, and pain for months or even years after the initial infection. 

Many other illnesses cause either chronic fatigue or chronic pain, and the two often go hand in hand. The problem with a chronic condition is that it doesn’t go away. However, you can manage your symptoms, and some people can live full lives with proper coping mechanisms and managing strategies to work with their body, rather than fighting against it.

The Effects of Fatigue on Your Body

One misconception about chronic fatigue is that sufferers simply feel tired all the time. Pain is one of the chronic fatigue’s most common side effects, and chronic pain only compounds your exhaustion. The pain may also be difficult to ignore and, in some cases, disabling. 

As well as these symptoms, chronic fatigue is linked to depression and other mood disorders, and it can be a result of or a cause of stress. Many people experience a phenomenon called “brain fog”, where it’s difficult to think clearly through the tiredness. It’s hard to concentrate and easy to get frustrated when seemingly simple thoughts just don’t break through the fog.

Many people with chronic fatigue struggle to sleep, which again only compounds the problem. Some people struggle to eat properly, which can lead to malnutrition, which can again lead to more fatigue. Exercise and physical activity can be increasingly difficult, leading to a loss of general fitness. 

Managing Chronic Fatigue and Pain

The first step to managing your fatigue is to figure out your limitations and learn how to adjust to them. One pitfall that many people fall into is the fatigue “crash”. This is when, after successfully managing your symptoms for a while, you feel better and push yourself. Unfortunately, this leads to a crash, where you rapidly become far worse and must take time to recover. 

Another pitfall is to shut down completely. Different people have different limitations, but most people can still do some of what they were capable of beforehand. Shutting yourself away and not doing anything can worsen your mental health and won’t help you physically.

Even though your health isn’t what it was, it’s still important to keep your general health going. Eat well and, if possible, engage in physical activity to keep moving. Some people have low exercise tolerance, so figure out your limitations. Do what works for you.

When it comes to managing your pain, pain relief like CBD patches can help you to still enjoy your life without being distracted or further exhausted by your pain. Always take medications with a health professional’s advice and ensure that you aren’t at risk of developing a drug dependency. 

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Why You Should Maybe Change Careers

Are you considering that now is the time to change your career? You wouldn’t be alone in it; life and attitude changes often prompt a complete career change. It doesn’t matter what age you are, either, because there is no wrong time to change your life, and that often means either retraining or studying something and then taking on a new job. 

What the market is saying about changing careers

Right now, it’s a candidate-led market which means that you can have the things you want from your career. You can get your CPT Certification online if you’re going to embark on something new, or you can simply move to a new company and industry and restart, bringing your transferable skills. It’s totally up to you which way you do it, and you can get started as soon as you’re ready. With this in mind, it might be the best time to make a change and ensure that your career jumps up as fast as possible. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should change jobs.

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5 Signs You Might Be Ready For A Career Change:

  1. You know it’s time for a new challenge. There comes a time when staring at the same office’s walls is just not enough anymore. If you are the kind of person who needs to push yourself as hard as possible, then a career change may be exactly what you need. You’re ready for that new challenge, and you’re going to grab it with both hands.
  2. You can feel that your values are changing. As we get older, the things that we want to change in life, we stop looking at our jobs a certain way and start looking at things differently. When this happens, it can mean that you are ready to find a business that aligns with your values in a new way.
  3. You’re ready to focus on something else. Sometimes, our jobs do not allow us to spread our wings in a way that makes sense entirely. You want to get out there and see the world and experience new companies, and if you are ready to shift your focus and do other things, then the time is now to go and do that. Research shows that more people look for flexibility now, and if you’re ready for that, you have to think about that!
  4. You are currently in a job you’re not feeling the best about, so why stay in it? We getYou aren’t doing something you’re passionate about. one shot at life, and you should spend your time enjoying yourself and not feeling wrong about anything, which often means ensuring that you make a change that matches what you’re passionate about.
  5. You’re just not happy. It’s always time for a change if you’re not satisfied with the job you’re in. Whether you need a new job or a total transformation, you must to do what you want.

No matter what, in life, you want to be happy and you want to feel fulfilled. When you don’t life begins to feel pointless and frustrating. If you are wanting more from life, it’s probably because life is wanting more from you.

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5 Important First Aid Tips For the Gym Goers To Stay Healthy and Fit

5 Important First Aid Tips For the Gym Goers To Stay Healthy and Fit

Everyone knows that stress can make a huge impact on the body, and one-way people try to push their stress outward is by visiting the gym or just going out and exercising. Exercising and other forms of physical activity are needed for the body, and there is no doubt about it. However, sometimes, exercising can lead to negatives such as injuries. However, just as everyone needs to learn more about first aid, the same can be said for exercise-related first aid. So, if you’re an avid gym goer, here are some first aid tips you may want to keep in mind.

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Why is it so important?

Staying fit and healthy is more than just working out.

Even if you’re just a regular customer who frequently visits the gym, you never know when you may need to help someone out. While it is true that gym staff such as personal trainers will have extensive training in first aid such as CPR, this doesn’t instantly mean that you should get the mentality of “if there are people who know, why should I?”. Personal trainers can’t be everywhere at once, and if you see the signs, then you can immediately help out. 

So, once you can do it, why not? First aid is something that everyone needs to know, and who knows, you may be at the right place at the right time to immediately give help to the person that needs it.

What are some first aid tips that need to be kept in mind?

It’s true that knowledge of first aid can save thousands of people affected by emergencies. Plus, medical emergencies and accidents can happen to anyone, at any age group, regardless of how in shape they are. Here are some essential first aid tips you’ll want to remember whenever you visit the gym or even if you’re out exercising, such as in a park.

A gym can be dangerous.

While everyone should closely follow the rules of the gym and practice common sense, it’s not always the case. The gym can be dangerous as there are heavy materials, slips can happen, machines can malfunction, and so much more. This doesn’t mean that people should fear the gym. However, gym goers will need to be careful. If you see something that looks dangerous, make sure to inform the staff.

Cardio isn’t always good for your heart.

Cardio exercises such as running, jumping, climbing, or even going on the elliptical can sometimes be fatal. However, this can only be fatal if someone tries to go above and beyond their limits with pre-existing health conditions, and it’s more apparent for someone who is elderly or obese. Just make sure that you don’t push yourself over the limit. And don’t forget to get your annual physical. At a bare minimum, knowing your numbers and basic line of health can help you make better decisions moving forward. 

It’s not always a person’s fault when an accident happens

Accidents happen, and some people just don’t know any better, such as form. This doesn’t immediately mean that they deserve the pain that they’re going through. Never chastise anyone for accidents; the gym is indeed a dangerous space from time to time.

It can happen to anyone.

While it’s true that the elderly are more susceptible to getting injuries, even younger folks can get injured too. Overall, anyone has the potential to get injured at a gym and need first aid. It could even happen to you!

Be wary of the heavy lifting.

Weight lifting is a significant love for the average gym goer, right? However, even lifting in the wrong form can cause permanent damage to the body. If you see someone lifting in the wrong form, maybe inform them, so they won’t hurt themselves or let the gym staff know. Staying healthy and fit doesn’t mean being the biggest lifter at the gym or the most flexible yoga person on the mat. It means knowing a balance between your own health and pursuing it. 

If you want to get fit and healthy and you are short on time, check out my YouTube Channel: Hope Zvara

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5 Negative Effects of Stress on Your Body

5 Negative Effects of Stress on Your Body

You’re under a lot of pressure at work, and your home life is a mess. You can’t seem to catch a break. When you finally get some time to yourself, all you want to do is relax, but instead, you find yourself feeling more stressed than ever. What’s going on? Stress is taking its toll on your body and mind, and it’s not good for you. This blog post will discuss the 5 negative effects of stress on your body.


1. Stress can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, and muscle aches.


When you’re under stress, your body is in a state of fight-or-flight. This means that your body is preparing itself for a physical threat by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, and muscle aches.


2. Stress can make it difficult to concentrate.


If you’re constantly worrying about what’s going on in your life, it can be hard to focus on anything else. This is because stress causes your brain to release a hormone called norepinephrine, which makes it harder for you to think clearly.


The next time you find yourself having trouble concentrating, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. It might take some practice, but eventually, you’ll be able to focus better when you’re under stress.

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3. Stress can make you more susceptible to illness.


When you’re stressed, your body’s immune system is not as effective at fighting off infection. This means that you’re more likely to get sick when you’re under stress. If you already have an illness, stress can make it worse.


If you find yourself getting sick often, it might be time to look at your stress levels and see if there’s anything you can do to reduce them.


4. Hair loss can be caused by stress.


When you’re under a lot of stress, your body goes into survival mode and starts to conserve its energy. One of the ways it does this is by cutting back on non-essential functions like hair growth. This can lead to temporary hair loss.


If you’re noticing more hair in your brush than usual, it might be due to stress. Try to take some time for yourself and relax. You might want to invest in some hair loss products.


5. Bad mood


Stress can have a negative impact on your mood, making you feel more irritable, anxious, and depressed. It might be due to stress if you’re having difficulty enjoying the things you used to love.


Try to take some time each day to do something that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that brings a smile to your face. Also, make sure to talk to someone if you’re feeling down or overwhelmed by stress.


Stress can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. If you’re noticing any of the above symptoms, it might be time to look at your stress levels and see if there’s anything you can do to reduce them.


How to Feel Energized and Refreshed Every Day

How to Feel Energized and Refreshed Every Day

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Do you wake up every morning wanting to hit the snooze button and feeling exhausted before the day has even begun? Maybe you find your energy levels are flagging around mid-morning, and by early afternoon, you are ready to take a nap. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you likely regularly feel lethargic and lack the energy to live life to the full. Feeling like your energy levels are low and you are constantly tired can make it hard to get maximum enjoyment from every day of your life. You may also find this lack of energy impacts your motivation to exercise or participate in social activities, like meeting friends for dinner in the evening. Reclaiming your power and feeling refreshed is a fantastic feeling and one that you can achieve with a bit of help. If you are ready to start feeling energized and refreshed every day, these tips will show you how this can be achieved:


Find Your Ideal Sleep Pattern


While there are guidelines on the recommended amount of sleep adults should get each night, everyone is individual, so the amount of sleep you need may differ slightly. Many people struggle to get enough sleep, which can leave them exhausted and in a bad mood the following day. Conversely, getting too much sleep can also be a problem and potentially cause some severe illnesses and leave you feeling lethargic. So, finding a sleep pattern that works for you and helps you to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and energized is invaluable.


Nurture Your Skin


Feeling energized and full of vitality happens on the inside and outside. Nurturing your skin with rituals such as a regular facial treatment or body massage can help you to feel refreshed. The cleansing effect of a facial is an especially powerful tool in helping you feel refreshed as areas of congestion are eliminated and dead skin cells are removed, leaving you with nourished skin that feels new. Making facials and massages a regular ritual to support your wellbeing is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits in the long term and will make you feel refreshed after every session.


Keep Moving


When your energy levels are low, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise. But, exercise is vital to providing your body with an energy boost and helping you to feel vital and refreshed. Whether you love sport or hate it, finding a method of keeping fit that you enjoy is essential. If playing sports is not your thing, reconnecting with yourself through yoga is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of movement combined with the positive effects on your wellbeing. Yoga has the unique ability to make you feel refreshed and energized while at the same time deeply relaxed. Discovering the benefits of yoga for yourself and how it can make you feel is an excellent way to increase your energy levels every day and stay refreshed.


Take Back Charge Of Your Self-Esteem

Take Back Charge Of Your Self-Esteem

What is your relationship with yourself? 

It may seem like an odd question as most people focus on their relationships with their loved ones or friends. Yet, believe it or not, according to expert therapists, our relationship with ourselves is disintegrating at an alarming rate. Self-esteem issues are more and more frequent, with approximately 85% of people worldwide struggling with low self-confidence. In other words, the relationship you have with yourself is likely to be wrong, according to statistics. 


Why don’t we love ourselves more? According to Baumeister, our concept of self is our understanding of our personal attributes. The better we understand ourselves, the more likely our self-confidence and sense of self-worth will remain intact. 


Unfortunately, self-confidence develops in young age, during childhood and adolescence. Therefore, your interactions with your parents and social circle at that age will impact your perception of yourself and, in turn, your self-confidence. Children who receive recognition for their mistakes and achievements are likely to develop into confident adults with healthy self-esteem. On the other hand, if parents expect their child to achieve an impossible level of perfection and are fast to criticize any mistakes, the child is prone to feel inadequate, not good enough, and not worthy of self-love. 


If you’ve grown up in a situation where you have received unfair criticism, you probably find it tough to make peace with some of your personal attributes. But it is never too late for a wake-up call. Learning to love yourself starts today. 

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Recover from criticism about your physical appearance

Have you grown up being the chubby kid or the one with the uneven smile? Being at the receiving end of hurtful jokes, even from friends and family, can make it hard to make peace with your appearance. So, finding an objective interlocutor to discuss your worries is essential. I was that kid that others joked about, and it hurt. In middle school, I tried to laugh it off like it was no big deal, but in truth, it was, and it impacted me for years afterward. 


Indeed, if you have experienced people making fun of you for some of your physical features, it can be tough to see the real you behind the painful comments. For example, someone who might have been on the heavy side during their school years may still see the image of their old overweight self in the mirror, even though they have long lost all the excess weight. So, the first step in healing your self-esteem is to find someone who will be honest with you and help you. Reaching out to a specialist, such as asking a dentist about your smile, is the surest way to hear an objective answer. More importantly, a specialist can also help you understand your options if you wish to improve features you are uncomfortable with. For example, a dentist could recommend using composite bonding to cover chipped teeth.  Or perhaps finding help with getting fit and losing weight from Thetribestm.com is the best option for you. Think about what will help most and make a move in that direction. Making peace with your appearance doesn’t necessarily mean accepting traits you are unhappy about. Things can be changed, and transformations have proven instrumental in re-learning self-love. 


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