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The HOPE Process

Breath • Body • Belief

Are you looking for a complete lifestyle overhaul?

Is your mind cluttered with negative thoughts that keep you stagnant?

Do you need help creating a fitness routine that promotes more than just physical well-being?

I can help!

Hi, I’m Hope Zvara.

I help people, just like you, learn how to breathe and enjoy life again. So many wellness courses come with gaps and unmet expectations. That’s why I have spent more than half of my life creating opportunities for people like you (and me) to fill these gaps. My goal is to help you reach your full potential so you don’t have to struggle trying to find what works. I have lead thousands of people towards living a life they love in a body they are proud of. How did I do it? Through the HOPE Process.

The HOPE Process is designed to Help Others Purposefully Excel by using the three Bs: Breathe, Body, and Belief. This unique and exclusive process was developed from extensive research on how the mind operates (or doesn’t operate in times of addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, or fear) and teaches you how your body works in everyday life movements. This process will also focus on how your beliefs, or personal mindset, affect the success we have in our jobs, marriages, and even personal yoga practice.

If you are ready to catapult your life towards greater success on all levels, then join me on this journey. I will change your mindset and transform you physically through mindful movement patterns. With the HOPE Process, we have the power to do it all! Let me help you breathe life back into your body, mind, and soul.

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Work With Me!

From building a body I love to building the business I’ve always dreamed of. I help people just like you improve their mind, body, life and business with simple easy to impliment strategies for long-term success!

STIFF Mother Trucker for Yoga

12 All Natural Ingredients, the BEST pain reliever you will ever find! Formulated by Hope after 20 years working with those in pain.

Grab a tube of STIFF Mother Trucker!

Hope Zvara Speaking Podcast Radio Show

Learn more about Hope’s live appearances at lifestyle and mindfulness seminars and events. Her interactive, inspirational presentations address schools, corporate events, women’s conferences, MOPS groups and summits, fitness events and athletic groups. Her message inspires everyone who finds themselves in the room with her.

Join the Mindful Movement Studio for Online Yoga Classes to workout at home, at your own pace and benefit from mindfulness meditation. The Mindful Movement Matrix is the umbrella approach to how Hope helps people on the yoga mat. 

Hope Zvara Book to Speak

There is a difference between a speaker and a presenter. A presenter shares information. A speaker takes you on a journey and connects with both the heart and the mind.

Book Hope for your next virtual or live event. 

HOPE Lifestyle Program Join

Do you feel like there is more to life that what you are currently living? Are you yo-yoing from diet, to exercise program to self-help book looking for SOMETHING to fix the parts of your life you are sick and tired of? I can help. Quick fixes don’t work, but I have a plan. 

Hope Zvara Business Speaking Coaching

Are you stuck? Do you look out at everyone else and wonder how are they doing that? Do you feel like you are just missing a piece to the puzzle and then your business will work ?

Get an all access pass to work with Hope!


Hope shares wisdom gained through her life experiences and losses with a genuineness and vulnerability, which instantly connects with her audience. She always shares to assist the growth of others and challenge people to see their situation in new ways.

Kayla Waldschmidt

Horizon Grief Resource Center

Dear Hope: First of all I have to thank you for your awesome YouTube videos. I have followed some of your 40-day yoga offerings and have found them challenging and so very helpful with my yoga practice. I really appreciate your attention to educating us with information about the human anatomy.

Ana Vizurraga

Online Studio Student

I watch your videos all the time! I teach yoga and pilates (reformer, chair) and love the way you teach. You are full of information and I no longer watch any other yoga videos online! I always look to you for some new ideas to freshen up my classes. Thank you!

Christine Colone

Online Studio Student

Let’s Work Together!

We all need a little guidance along the way. What if one change could make all the difference?

Accepting where you are, as you get to where you want to be, will help you reach your goals faster and with tons of joy along the way.

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