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“I fell in love with Hope instantly because of her authenticity vulnerability, and her connection to her message…”

Kate Butler

#1 Best Selling Author, Certified Success Coach,
Mindset Expert

Terry Copeland

retired school teacher, former Yoga Teacher Trainer
graduate and 10 year student

“You always walk the dance of baring your soul and being a great teacher… that only happens when you walk, talk, write and live from the heart.

Are you sure that you are not in your 80’s!!! (the old wiser-than-your-years joke!)”.

Katie Schliepp

owner of Shiva & Shakti yoga and massage

“Learning from Hope is a blessing. Her passion about the body and how it’s meant to move is inspiring. I could not have asked for a better teacher.

Her openness about her personal struggles really helped me learn more about mine and gave me the courage to face my issues head on knowing if I ever needed to reach out she’d be there. I love her insight and kindness. I can’t say enough how blessed I feel to have her as a mentor in my professional and personal life.”

“Hope is an absolutely wonderful educator, her mind is full of information that you would benefit from…”

Karen Urbanek

aeiou.world, creator of the world most
comprehensive TNC program

Kayla Waldschmidt

LPC, Bereavement Coordinator at Horizon Grief Resource Center, Milwaukee, WI

It was Hope’s lasting impression that made her a clear choice to be the keynote speaker at our bi-annual Women’s Retreat in our Grief Resource Center. Hope is an exceptional public speaker.

Hope always offers a mix of wisdom, practical tools, and a heartfelt message for her specific audience. She individualizes her workshops, speeches, and presentations to those who will be in attendance, just like she does in her yoga classes. Even though she has spoken at our Women’s Retreat for almost five years, her handouts and topics are always fresh for the women in attendance.

When appropriate, Hope shares wisdom gained through her life experiences and losses with a genuineness and vulnerability which instantly connects with her audience. She always shares to assist the growth of others and challenge people to see their situation in new ways. The women provide feedback after each retreat, and they consistently comment about how inspirational Hope was, how they walked away with tools, and many want to begin or go back to yoga!

Alley Farrell


“I will never forget my first night in YTT with Hope, she asks, “Why are you here?”

Darn-it I knew why… I want to become a yoga instructor and open up my own studio… provide inspiration and health to all walks of life.

What is my response, “I don’t know…? I mean, I guess… (((gosh why was this so hard to answer))). I am looking for “something more,” as tears burn past my cheeks.

A week into the program I wrote, “Who are you? Who is I. I am divine. I am a part of this universe, a part of the energy that constantly fluxes in our universe. I will always be present. So can we realize that now? Heck, we can enjoy our life on a much deeper level realizing that you and that bee are no different, you are not better.”

Hope’s energy and power to tap into some higher power within me is like no other. Training with Hope has since provided me purpose and direction. With a rocking studio, family life, and all else in her life, she respectively makes time for your questions and necessary guidance. I continually seek her class offerings and will forever be grateful for my time at Hope Zvara’s classes and training’s.”

“When Hope was on our stage she impacted a lot of people, their hearts were impacted because of what she said, but they also left realizing that they could go out and make real life change…”

Pete Vargus

Founder of Advance Your Reach

Sarah Treadwell

Melbourne, Australia

“As a yoga and Pilates teacher I use the method and exercises learnt through Core Functional Fitness in all my classes. I have a deeper understanding of the core, and feel confident teaching clients how to use and access this area of their body.
As a result, I have seen dramatic improvements in the strength and body awareness of my clients. Personally, I also feel I can now access my own core more effectively in my movement practice. As a teacher having ongoing access to the modules of Core Functional Fitness means that I can revise and refine
techniques regularly.”

Michelle Patterson

CEO of Women Network

“I loved you and your story, more people need to hear this!”

The amazing training I took from you has already started to impact what I do…”

Val Bielinski

Yoga Teacher and Core Functional Fitness Teacher, CrossFit Enthusiast

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