Hope is a motivational keynote speaker that inspires and engages the audience. Whether at a workplace workshop for employee health and wellness or a wellness conference, she offers inspiration for navigating life’s difficult moments and help you to become your authentic self through yoga and mindfulness. She believes in balance and promotes body awareness to find inner strength and peace and restore your wellbeing. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mother Trucker Yoga, founder of Copper Tree Yoga Studio and the Mindful Movement Online Yoga Studio. Hope hosts her own podcast on Chrome and Steel Radio called A Daily Dose of Hope, and is a board member for the International Institute of Holistic Health Education.

Breath, Body, Belief

The pillars of Hope’s mission to Help Others Purposefully Excel.

Her personal experiences have led her to develop a unique message and technique that not only inspires people in a time of grief but helps them find the courage to move forward. Her presentations are engaging, full of interactive and partner activities and clear takeaways that can be applied to everyday life.

Drawing from her experiences with bulimia and the death of her newborn daughter, Hope shares her tragedies to connect with people and demonstrates how to cope with grief and find a way to heal and live purposefully. She has a true passion for connecting with people and helping them find value in their life. 

As a teen, Hope suffered from bulimia for many years. It wasn’t until her last purge, when she swallowed a toothbrush, that she really wanted to find a way to be healthy and happy with herself. Someone recommended yoga to her, and for the first time, she could remember, her mind was clear and her anxiety was gone. Several years later, Hope experienced the death of her daughter, Faith, 20 minutes after she was born. This experience brought pain, depression, and a sense of hopelessness. It was then that Hope realized that she needed to commit fully to her recovery.
Through years of focusing on her own journey and recovery, Hope developed a process called The HOPE Process, which involves
Helping Others to Purposefully Excel using the three B’s: Breath, Body, & Belief.
Hope is a mother, wife, and lover of life. 

 “It was Hope’s lasting impression that made her a clear choice to be the keynote speaker at our bi-annual Women’s Retreat in our Grief Resource Center. Hope is an exceptional public speaker.

Hope always offers a mix of wisdom, practical tools, and a heartfelt message for her specific audience. She individualizes her workshops, speeches, and presentations to those who will be in attendance, just like she does in her yoga classes. Even though she has spoken at our Women’s Retreat for almost five years, her handouts and topics are always fresh for the women in attendance. 

When appropriate, Hope shares wisdom gained through her life experiences and losses with a genuineness and vulnerability which instantly connects with her audience. She always shares to assist the growth of others and challenge people to see their situation in new ways. The women provide feedback after each retreat, and they consistently comment about how inspirational Hope was, how they walked away with tools, and many want to begin or go back to yoga!”


Kayla Waldschmidt

LPC, Bereavement Coordinator at Horizon Grief Resource Center, Milwaukee, WI


Never Lose Hope. Rebuilding Your Life One Breath At A Time

This motivational speaking engagement inspires people. Learn how Hope overcame personal struggles through mindfulness and join us on a journey of Hope. Everything happens for a reason. Remembering every life has significant value is key to excelling. Hear Hope’s story of brokenness and loss and follow her journey of overcoming a million-to-one odds. Hope’s empowering message captures listeners and inspires a soulful dive never to lose hope.

During this presentation, you will learn the following:
1. How to take even the most significant losses and turn them into blessings
2. How your body is a natural alarm system to help you heal. 
3. How to upgrade your mind to see opportunities and live your best life today.

The 13th Step: Yoga for Recovery

The 12 steps have been pivotal for countless people in the journey through recovery. A book written wise beyond its years has guided millions through their darkest days and into the light. But there is one thing missing. Many have commented after going through the 12 Steps once meeting Hope… Join Hope as she guides you through a journey of bringing it all together in assistance to help you take that next step into your new everyday life. This session incorporates physical movement; please dress appropriately.
During this presentation, you will learn the following: 
1. How the traditional 12-step recovery process can help anyone with or without addiction. 
2. What the 13 step is, and how to apply them to your life to receive the breakthrough you have been waiting for?
3. What yoga can teach us about living a life of purpose weather we ever step foot on a yoga mat or not. 


Building A Better Brand: Focusing On What Matters Most & Makes You Money (And no, it’s not your logo or color pallet)

During this presentation, attendees will learn critical concepts that most branding agencies and branding coaching SKIP! Everyone else is focused on the lipstick changes you can make to your brand and business that create the adrenaline high and leave you thinking you’ve just transformed. I’m telling you that when that wears off, and you still have no customers, you’ll wonder what went wrong and have even less money in your bank account afterward. Join Hope as she takes you through 3 key steps every business owner needs to acknowledge and assess to build a brand that can withstand any storm and, at the same time, attack high-end clients that pay.
You understand and begin to build:
1. What is your unique niche audience is
2. What is your unique mechanism is
3. What is your unique message is
And why do you need this to help your brand and messaging stand out, no matter your budget.

Instantly Get More Customers by Cultivating Clarity without Complicated Processes

Everyone today seems to be selling their fancy proprietary process like it’s the magic elixar to change white milk to strawberry overnight. Everyone’s fancy process will never work unless you FIRST have this one critical thing figured out in your business. Cultivating clarity is a foundational principal, and most entrepreneurs (even the 6-7 figure ones) skip this and guess what, too, eventually hit a road block because their customers are confused, and they have to work twice as hard to get their potential client to understand what they do.
During this presentation, you will learn the following:
1. Proper language to describe the problem you solve so your audience leans into you.
2. Your ideal niche audience you need to be serving to get customers fast.
3. How to talk to those customers and identify the unique mechanism that sets you apart from everyone else. 


Hope shares wisdom gained through her life experiences and losses with a genuineness and vulnerability, which instantly connects with her audience. She always shares to assist the growth of others and challenge people to see their situation in new ways.

Kayla Waldschmidt

Horizon Grief Resource Center

Dear Hope: First of all I have to thank you for your awesome YouTube videos. I have followed some of your 40-day yoga offerings and have found them challenging and so very helpful with my yoga practice. I really appreciate your attention to educating us with information about the human anatomy.

Ana Vizurraga

Online Studio Student

I watch your videos all the time! I teach yoga and pilates (reformer, chair) and love the way you teach. You are full of information and I no longer watch any other yoga videos online! I always look to you for some new ideas to freshen up my classes. Thank you!

Christine Colone

Online Studio Student

“Hope is an absolutely wonderful educator, her mind is full of information that you would benefit from…”

Karen Urbanek

Holistic Health Educators, creator of the world’s most
comprehensive TNC program


Thank you for your interest in connecting with Hope, whose calling and passion is to help everyone become the best version of themselves—both on and off the mat! Once submitted, Hope and her team will review your request and be in touch soon.

4 + 13 =

“I fell in love with Hope instantly because of her authenticity, vulnerability, and her connection to her message…”   


Kate Butler, Kate Butler Books

227, #1 Best Sellers,
Certified Success Coach,
Mindset Expert



You had so many little nuggets in there…. climbing the walls of recovery…the body is the souls last attempt to listen…amazing.

Chris Smith

Speaker & Creator, Campfire Effect

I loved you and your story, more women need to her this.

Michelle Patterson

CEO, Women's Network


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FUnky Thinkers: Hope Zvara - A yoga teacher targeting truck drivers.
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