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1. A Presentation VS a Talk

There are dozens of “speakers” out there, giving talks, sharing ideas and their story.

Then, there are presenters who have mastered the craft of giving you an experience that teaches you, moves you, and inspires you to want to immediately act, the moment you hear them speak.

“Hope’s personality, passion and spirit immediately reel you in and leave you deeply moved”
— Attendee at Reach Live

Hope is the “real deal”, her message is inspiring with real applicable tools she teaches you to use during her presentations. Her sessions are motivational and interactive. She doesn’t just talk about the problem, she gives you real, instantly applicable solutions, you can
start using immediately.

Anyone can tell you about things you should do to be better, do better, live better. Hope breaks them down, tells you the how’s and the why’s, and then does them with you. There is no stone left unturned with Hope on stage.

And because she has partnered with companies that are dedicated to your best health. Means you the best tools to make your life easier, healthier, and happier.

2. Speaking with Direction &
Purpose VS the Cul-De-Sac

Hope’s process is exactly what it says…. Full of HOPE:Helping Others Purposefully Excel, she moves her audiences seamlessly through her proprietary process using the three B’s: Breath, Body, Belief. All her presentations revolve around these key points. From schools, to church groups, women’s conferences to business and corporate events.

Have you ever sat in on a speaker who just wouldn’t get to the point? Or maybe wound up talking about something else entirely different than what was scheduled, wasn’t mindful of your time schedule?

Hope beautifully tunes into her audiences need and viewpoints to meet them where they are, and then, carefully take them by the hand. You have never heard a speaker speak, until you have heard Hope.

“My speaking coach Pat Quinn has taught me you cannot speak all heart and no head. And equally, you cannot speak with all head and no heart. It’s a delicate balance between marrying soulful, moving content that touches your audience emotionally,
with something that teaches them or brings in the facts to back up why you do what you do”

3. You Always Walk Away
Inspired AND with New Tools
in Your Tool Box

Using Hope’s proprietary process, she seamlessly teaches her audience how to incorporate specific tools immediately into their lives no matter who her audience is.


Hope guides her audience through an emotional experience with the breath, because as she says, “it is the first thing you are given in this life, and the last to be taken away”. Hope teaches the mechanics of breathing, alongside specific breathing techniques depending on her audience to help with stress management, depression, anxiety, focus, concentration, simply learning to be in the moment.

Offer’s the hard facts and interesting new research behind the power and art of breathing.

Hope’s extensive background in movement and mechanics gives her a unique edge to truly speak both passionately and knowledgably to her audience on the importance of posture, movement, core health, and, well, you name it she can cover it. And when you work with Hope, expect an interactive experience. She will have the entire audiance up and moving, experiencing right there exactly what she is speaking to.
But that’s not all, because of Hope’s life struggles and lessons she has a unique approach and viewpoint when it comes to the body and life itself that she both inspires and leaves both her students and audiences speechless.

Our body follows what our minds allow in. When Hope speaks on mindset and mindfulness she will take you through a journey of everything that has brought you to the point you are at right this very moment.

Asking you to get honest with yourself and how those answers relate to your current happiness. One of her favorite topics to present is “fixed thinking VS growth thinking”. And how this style of thinking and belief could be sabotaging your overall happiness and well-being. And how it could be sabotaging your work too.


Breath, Body, and Belief are the pillars of Hope’s mission to Help Others Purposefully Excel. I have spent more than half of my life creating opportunities for people like you (and me) to fill these gaps. My goal is to help you reach your full potential so you don’t have to struggle trying to find what works. I have always had a love for speaking and knew from a young age that this was where I belong.

I love to connect with my audience and touch them in a way that emotionally moves them. But beyond that, my presentations are moving-literally, expect to get up and move. A big part of learning new things is actually practicing applying them.

From schools to corporate. From MOPS to women’s conferences. From fitness events to athletics groups, my message has a way to inspire everyone who finds themselves in the room with me.

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