Building a Better Business that Makes Sense, Attracts Customers, & Feels Good to You & Your Audience.

Do you feel like you are missing something,

but not sure WHAT?

Do you see others doing what you do, but they seem to be more successful?

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Everyone else is telling you that what you are doing is wrong and that you need to scrap that to move your business forward (AHEM, they are trying to sell you). I’m telling you there is a lot you are doing right, you just can’t see it because no one is pointing it out to you.

Instead of changing yourself with every coach you have, let’s capitalize on what is working, tweak what isn’t, and then get you taking action immediately to prove you are a great entrepreneur.

    • You know what you are good at, but don’t feel like you are successfully translating it into a real business.

    • You know how to do what you are good at, but your vision of how it works in business is a bit fuzzy.

    • Deep down, you are still not sure how you can stand out, how you are different. You know

    • You are, but how do you tell others without sounding like you are bragging? You are currently trying to get business from Ads, 1:1 conversations, or email and it’s like crickets.

    • What if there was a faster way to gain new customers and help people CLEARLY understand your message?

    Hear What People Who Have Worked With Hope Have To Say

    For years my business was broke. I was giving and giving and giving. Discounting all my products and services and not on the verge of burnout… NO. I WAS BURNT OUT & BROKE!

    I needed to make a shift and fast!

    Over the last 20 years and nearly a dozen business and speaking coaching, courses and programs, I’ve figured it out.

    What works, what doesn’t.  Most of it comes down to clarity in communication. I went from a broke yoga studio owner to a successful business coach, speaker, and CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga.

    Are you doing some random stuff that seems to be working for others but isn’t sticking for you?

    Do you talk in circles when trying to explain your business and what you do to others, and as a result, no one will pay to work with you?

    Do you still think the only way to grow your business is through expensive ads and crazy confusing funnels?

    I thought the same thing too. And I paid too many people to teach me these things, and nothing worked!

    If you have ever had a coaching session with another so-called coach and it didn’t go as you thought. I want to let you know that THIS is not THAT. And if you are ready, things are about to change.





    1:1 Coaching Highlights:

    • Clarity on the problem you solve, the audience you serve, and the products you offer.
    • The clarity in your messaging.
    • Writing a talk or presentation with all four elements needed to covert (that never feels salsey).
    • How to properly set up a product pyramid.
    • Strategy on building a Masterclass or Mastermind.
    • Social media strategy around your unique message.
    • How to find and get customers and shift from 1:1 to 1:Many.
    • Audit of copy on your website, in your talk, and on your social.
    • Master-level speaking coaching (Hope has coached thousands of speakers).

    Are you ready to get clarity in your messaging & business & GROW!

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    Have your very own entrepreneurial mental makeover + custom marketing strategy utilizing Hope’s 20 years of experience of entrepreneurial living.

    Hope doesn’t candy coat it, she’ll be honest with you and show you where your holes are. And at the same time find the strengths you may not have even known you had.


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