7 Tips To Reduce Digital Eye Strain When Working

7 Tips To Reduce Digital Eye Strain When Working 

A recent study shows that 65% of Americans report experiencing symptoms of digital eyestrain. The same study reveals that close to 90% of those who experience such issues use digital devices for more than 2 hours each day. When left unchecked, digital eye strain can lead to blurred and double vision in its latter stages. It can also cause dry, red, and irritating eyes, sometimes with frequent headaches. Thankfully, it’s possible to reduce this unhealthy strain on your eyes and maintain a healthy vision while working behind your digital devices. The following tips can help you reduce eye strain or fatigue when working. 

  • Get a comprehensive eye exam

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If you experience recurring cases of eye strain or fatigue, please do not ignore the importance of seeing an eye expert for a comprehensive exam. Even if you don’t experience this discomfort often, experts still recommend getting an eye exam at least once each year if you’re used to sitting behind a computer for hours daily. During your exam, don’t forget to give your eye doctor a detailed explanation of how you feel when you experience eye strain. It’s best to start documenting all your symptoms now so you don’t forget any important details. You’ll also have to tell your doctor how often you use digital devices at work and home, and be sure to follow every instruction your eye doctor gives to the letter.

  • Don’t use your computer near a window

Additional glare and extra light are the biggest factors responsible for worsening eye strain when working behind a computer. If you work near a window, consider moving your workstation a little farther. If that option isn’t available, the next best thing is to close your window curtains or blinds to reduce the intensity of light flooding your workstation. If possible, position your desk so that you don’t face an unshaded window. 

The same applies to work environments with harsh interior lights. Working around a gentle source of light will be more helpful, but if that’s not an option, consider using an anti-glare screen to prevent bright surrounding light from reflecting on your screen and into your eyes. 

  • Get enough shut-eye time

You cannot stress enough how important it is to give your eyes some much-needed rest if you work a lot behind a digital screen. Two types of rest are necessary here. One, getting a good night’s sleep, and two, giving your eyes regular breaks while at work. 

Experts recommend getting seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. This point is non-negotiable if you want to reduce eye strain. Ideally, your bedroom should be dimly lit before sleep time, with no source of harsh lights seeping into your space. Where necessary, consider getting a sleep mask to help shut off strong lights and help you sleep. The less light your eyes have to deal with at night, the more refreshed they will feel when you wake in the morning. Also, please avoid staring at your phone immediately after waking up from bed. Give your eyes a few minutes of extra rest first; your phone can wait. 

When working, remember to blink often to moisten your eyes. Staring at your screen for several minutes without blinking can dry out your eyes, causing eye strain. Also, it helps to give your eyes a few minutes of shut-eye time or a break every 15 to 20 minutes. You can look away from your computer screen for about 20 seconds before resuming. Even better, try closing your eyes instead, especially if your work area is too bright. 

  • Get a pair of computer glasses

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Remember, your vision should last you a lifetime. Experiencing an eye strain is a major sign that you’ve pushed your sight too far, staring at a digital screen. A good pair of computer glasses can lessen the stress on your eyes. It’s better to start wearing computer glasses now rather than using prescription glasses for the rest of your life. 

Your eye doctor can recommend a great pair of computer glasses for you after thoroughly examining your eyesight. You might get glasses with photochromic lenses designed to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful light from your screens. 

  • Upgrade your computer screen

Most modern computers or laptop screens are designed to control how much light the eyes receive. Unfortunately, older screens cause images to flicker, increasing the chances of eye strain. So, if your computer is an older model or has an old-fashioned CTR (cathode ray tubes) screen, consider upgrading your screen to an LCD flat panel. Better still, change your computer if you can afford to. LCD screens do not flicker, so they don’t cause as much eye strain as the old computers. But please keep in mind that spending countless hours behind even an LCD flat panel screen can also affect your eyes and vision long-term, which is why the next point is so important. 

  • Adjust your screen display settings

As mentioned earlier, surrounding light can reflect on your screen and into your eyes. One way you can prevent this is to adjust your screen brightness or display settings so that it’s approximately the same as the brightness surrounding you. Here’s a simple test to help you.

Look at the white background of this page. Is the light from your screen brighter than your surrounding environment? Then, you may have to reduce your screen brightness. Does it look dull compared to your surroundings? If it does, your screen may be too dark. 

You can also adjust your screen contrast and text size for added comfort to your eyes. This point also applies to your phones and other digital devices like your smartphone and tablet.

  • Adjust the height of your monitor 

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Your screen display isn’t the only thing that may need adjusting; pay attention to the height of your monitor, too. Ideally, the center of your monitor screen should be about 5 to 9 inches below the horizontal line of sight. If you’re confused, think of it this way: you should be staring just above your computer screen if you look straight ahead of you. If your eyes meet the center of your screen when you stare straight ahead, your computer is too high. 

5 Reasons Why A Healthy Body Is Essential For A Healthy Mind

5 Reasons Why A Healthy Body Is Essential For A Healthy Mind
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Healthy body, healthy mind. It’s a phrase that you’ve probably heard a million and one times over the years. Sadly, though, it is one that many people continue to overlook in their bid for a better life. Given that we can all now appreciate the importance of mental wellness, you cannot afford to ignore the link between body and brain any longer.

It’s great that you are actively taking positive steps to protect your mental health. Nevertheless, here are five reasons why changes to your physical health are equally key.

#1. Nutrition Impacts Mood & Energy Levels

Implementing a better approach to nutrition doesn’t only aid digestive health and support your organs. It also results in improved happiness, alertness, and energy levels. Staying hydrated throughout the day should sit at the very top of your agenda. Meanwhile, an online pharmacy will allow you to find supplements to make up for any vitamin deficiencies you may have. When you give your body the nutrition it deserves, you’ll feel like a brand new person. In body and mind.

#2. Physical Discomfort Disrupts Your Life

Modern life is hectic. As such, many people fall into the trap of trying to ignore injuries rather than treat them. Sadly, when you are in physical pain or discomfort, it becomes hard to focus on anything. Moreover, the pain itself is likely to take a toll on your mindset. Embracing effective pain management strategies is essential. Again, an online pharmacy makes buying items very convenient. Meanwhile, it’s important that any chronic issues or problems like broken bones are treated by a professional.

#3. Physical Activity Releases Endorphins

When thinking about ways to promote a healthy body, regular exercise is one of the top features. The human body is built to be active and exercise is vital for musculoskeletal health. However, staying active also releases endorphins. It will make you feel better about yourself during and after exercise. For the best results, you can look to team sports or other activities that add a social element. Tracking your progress to see how you improve is sure to promote better mental health too.

#4. Looking Good Makes You Feel Good

It may be another phrase that has been heard time and time again. Nonetheless, there can be no disputing the fact that looking good makes you feel good. An investment into your physical health can translate to improved skin, a better body shape, and benefits like a better smile. In turn, you will notice a significant growth in your sense of self-confidence, which will also improve your quality of life. When added to the fact you’ll receive positive remarks from friends and family, this is a vital feature for your mental wellness.

#5. You’ll Live Longer

While you cannot guarantee a long and healthy life, ignoring your body will reduce the odds. The knowledge that you’re damaging your health through smoking or eating the wrong foods will play on your mind too. From worrying about premature death to health difficulties in later life, several concerns will circle your mind. Therefore, a conscious effort to keep your body in better health wll translate to increased happiness. When your mind is at peace, you will be better positioned to enjoy life to the fullest. Perfect.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Journey: Transform, Grow, and Succeed Together

ransform, Grow, and Succeed Together

Hey there, friend! I’m so glad you’re here. I just know that, together, we can build something incredible. We’re on this entrepreneurial journey side by side, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned along the way. Now, let’s dive into this adventure and conquer those challenges awaiting us. 🌟

Isn’t it amazing how life has a way of teaching us the most profound lessons? As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that the road to success isn’t always smooth. But hey, this rocky path makes us stronger and wiser, right?

Let’s talk about the challenges we face and the transformations we undergo in our pursuit of success. The hurdles and hardships we face—and overcome—shape our development into successful and resilient entrepreneurs. Each experience makes our wins even sweeter!

Do you remember the last time a setback turned into an opportunity for growth? That resilience you discovered within yourself is what makes you an entrepreneur who never gives up.

Now, let’s explore some practices and mindsets that’ll help us on this entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Embrace Change: As entrepreneurs, adaptability is key. Changes can feel daunting, but they also offer incredible opportunities, so stay open and flexible as new possibilities arise.
  2. Nurture a Strong Support Network: You don’t have to go it alone! Surround yourself with mentors, peers, and loved ones who understand your vision and will cheer you on.
  3. Prioritize Self-Care: Nourishing your body, mind, and spirit during this journey is non-negotiable. Taking care of yourself empowers you to show up as your best self in every aspect of your business.
  4. Celebrate Your Wins, Big or Small: Acknowledging your achievements helps build momentum and keeps you motivated. Let’s celebrate every milestone we reach!
  5. Stay True to Your Purpose: Keep your core values and your “why” at the forefront. Stay grounded in your purpose as you navigate the ins and outs of your business.

Together, let’s embrace this entrepreneurial journey and transform as we grow. We’ll face obstacles, but we’ll also conquer them together, learning invaluable lessons along the way. By sharing support and guidance, we can empower one another to find clarity in our purpose and achieve success in our businesses.

Ready to face these challenges head-on? I’m right there with you. Let’s embark on this unforgettable journey and make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere. 🌱💛

Happy entrepreneurial journey!

Key Elements Of A Healthy Life And How You Can Work On Them

4 Effective Strategies for Pain Relief

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It doesn’t matter if a recent illness is the cause of your pain levels and will go away once you have healed or if your pain is chronic; living in pain is no fun for anyone. But, over half of Americans live in pain every single day, with back pain being the most common type of pain experienced.

It goes without saying that finding the right pain relief combination for you can be trial and error, and what works for one person might not be beneficial for someone else; everyone experiences pain differently. But there are some things you can try to alleviate some or all of your pain, even if it’s just for a short time.


Moving as much as possible, even just stretching certain body parts or muscles, can help you to relieve pain levels and help to avoid your body seizing up even more. While movement and exercise might be the last thing on your mind, finding suitable programs you can adhere to can boost mobility and flexibility, and stretching out muscles can help you to support recovery and ease stress and tension within your body.


Any type of pain can cause your body to become tense and tight, further exacerbating the issues you are experiencing. Even a sprained ankle can cause further problems with your foot and leg if you aren’t careful. Body massages can help you to release said tension and relax your body so you let go of the stress you are holding onto from the pain. Tight muscles can also be painful, and you need to keep your body relaxed to help you through recovery or support a better quality of life in the case of chronic pain.

Topical Treatments

Heat and ice therapy are topical treatments you can try to help you alleviate some of your pain. Ice or cold therapy treatments can help to slow the blood flow, which reduces pain and inflammation. In contrast, heat treatments can help to warm up muscles and are helpful for those experiencing stiffness from long periods lying down or sitting in the same position for long periods. When used correctly, both can help work on your pain levels to offer relief. You can use things like heat pads, HEMPE’s CBD pain relief gels, cooling products such as deep freeze sprays and ice baths, or warming products that you can apply to the affected area to support your recovery.

Holistic Treatments

Acupuncture, hypnotherapy., mindfulness, reflexology, cupping, deep tissue massage, and chiropractic care are all options people have used to help them cultivate an effective pain relief therapy schedule that works for them. Holistic treatments are often best used alongside conventional medication and medical treatments for maximum effect. While, in many cases, the results can be anecdotal at best, studies show that treatments like acupuncture can be effective methods of pain control.

Exploring the different options available for pain relief can help you work on your recovery or find the right strategies to alleviate some of your chronic pain levels. While not all of the above will work for everyone, talking to your physician can help you find the best treatment possible to improve your quality of life.


Unlocking Your Team’s Potential (Because Good Recruitment Is Only A Start)

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It’s the oldest cliche in the business manual but a strong workforce is truly a company’s greatest asset. However, hiring the right people for your team is only the start of the process. If you truly want to unlock the full potential of your employees, it will be necessary to put a host of additional steps in place.

Thankfully, doing this will unlock greater levels of productivity and profitability. Here’s how you can get more out of your team in five easy steps.

Invest in their wellness

Healthy and happy employees are more productive workers. Corporate health assessment services show teams that you take their wellness seriously. Crucially, it will either remove any fears they have or help them gain quick treatments for any identified problems. Other wellness tips include implementing first aid and mental health first aid. Providing water coolers and implementing regular breaks during the day will also help.

The links between wellness and improved workflows have been regularly proven. It will also allow workers to tap into creative mindsets. 

Provide the right tools

Employees will use a wide range of tools and resources throughout the working day. So, if you want them to stay productive, you must give them the tools to do this. Whether it’s investing in the right computers, advanced POS systems, or AI tools doesn’t matter. The fact is that persisting with outdated tech and equipment will limit productivity. Worse still, many 

workers will experience reduced motivation.

For the best results, you must implement regular maintenance. This is to ensure that all machinery and equipment perform as expected for the long haul.

Provide the right training 

Ensuring that employees have the right tools is one thing, but enabling them to use those items correctly is another. An investment in staff training guarantees that employees retain relevant skills. Crucially, it also cultivates a sense of consistency across the brand as all employees will have followed the same modules. As well as learning how to use specific assets, training can extend to concepts like body language.

Using this method to sculpt the workforce that you need will translate to increased productivity. The benefits will emerge fast and are also set to last.

Focus on clarity 

To be successful, employees need to know exactly what they are doing. With this in mind, appreciating the need for clarity and sharing this vision with workers cannot be emphasised enough. When employees buy into this vision, it can open the door to greater productivity both individually and collectively. Not least because there will be fewer delays attributed to communication.

Above all else, the added clarity will spread to the customers. This can lead to far higher levels of excitement surrounding the brand.

Be more flexible

Operational versatility has become a key ingredient in the recipe for modern business success. Not least in relation to keeping employees motivated. This could manifest as offering a BYOD plan, hybrid working, or flexible hours. As long as the work gets completed, you should not be overly worried about moving away from traditional efforts. Especially if it keeps employees happier.

After all, when workers have a better work-life balance, you are far less likely to experience high staff turnover rates.


How To Take Better Care Of Your Teeth

Taking proper care of your teeth is essential if you want to maintain your oral health. if you lack oral health then you can encounter all kinds of gum and teeth issues, which can cause pain as well as other health complications.

If you wish to know how to take the best care of your teeth, then follow this guide.

Photo by Anna Shvets: 

Straightening your teeth

You might not take proper care of your teeth because you do not like how they look. However, this shouldn’t be the case as you should always take great care of your teeth. If there are certain things that you do not like about your teeth, then you can speak to a dental expert to sort out this issue.

If you wish to straighten your teeth and feel more confident in your smile, you might wish to try clear braces. Unlike traditional braces, clear braces are barely visible, ensuring you can remain confident and comfortable while wearing them. There is nothing to see, therefore, no need to feel shy when going through the process of adjusting your teeth. 

They work faster too, ensuring the process is quick and before you know it, your teeth will be exactly how you want them to be.

Improve your oral hygiene routine

If there are signs that you need to visit your dentist, this might mean that you are lacking an efficient oral hygiene routine. Although we can sometimes encounter oral issues while maintaining good oral hygiene, if you continue to attain problems, you might want to improve your routine. 

It is essential to brush your teeth twice a day. You could also brush your teeth in between meals and whenever you feel that you have eaten something sugary, which can impact the health of your teeth.

Moreover, use floss and mouthwash as these will guarantee to maximize your oral health.

Use the right toothpaste

Another top tip to help you maximize your dental care and oral health is to use the right toothpaste.

It is essential to use toothpaste that contains fluoride as this will guarantee removal of the bacteria and germs from your teeth helping them maximize their health.

Use the right toothbrush

It is also essential to use the right toothbrush in your oral health routine otherwise you will not be brushing your teeth efficiently enough to keep them healthy.

Although you can use manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes are much more efficient at removing plaque and bacteria from the mouth. Brushing your teeth for around 2 minutes is plenty to remove any germs from your teeth and gums to ensure maximum health.

Using the simple yet effective tips you can be on the way to maximizing your oral health.  Taking the best care of your teeth will guarantee that you can reduce the risk of teeth and gum complications and minimize your trips to the dentist. Your dentist will be happy to see you less if they know you understand how to take good care of your teeth.

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