Are you sick of the war zone that is your home? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a change, from somewhere to somewhere. Either way, this article is here to help.

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No matter what type of person you are, a nerd or a neat freak, there will always be things in your life you can do without and make your life easier without them. These fifty tips will enable you to declutter your lifestyle by making it easier to take control of everything around you and keep it under control so that it doesn’t spiral out of control again.


Decluttering may seem hard at first, but once you get started with these 11 tips on how to declutter your lifestyle, you’ll wonder why on earth did anyone not tell you these before.


Here Are The Top 11 Tips On How To Start


Stop Buying More Stuff

This may seem obvious, but it’s common knowledge that this creates clutter and makes you buy more and more of it, spiraling out of control and creating a war zone. The less you buy, the less you have to worry about. Simple as that. Of course, there are times when you need to get new items such as food or things you need (i.e., socks). However, try not too often because it will become addictive, and then before you know what has happened, you’ll be drowning in a never-ending sea of clutter.


Be Tidy By Picking Things Up As Soon As You See Them

It sounds simple enough, but most people don’t do this every single time they come across something on the floor, such as clothes left out, toys, or even pens and pencils. If you pick things up as soon as you see them, then there’s no need to worry about cleaning later, and there’s no reason why you can’t keep your home nice and tidy all the time.


In Many Cases, Less Is More

This tip applies to everything from just about everything, from how you should decorate your home with furniture and decorations to the number of clothes you should wear. 


When it comes to clothes, it’s sometimes better to dress lightly and comfortably rather than squeezing all your clothes onto a wardrobe shelf and having to dig around for items which are not only time-consuming but can be frustrating as well when looking for specific items such as socks or shirts because these things are usually buried under piles of other clothing.


Keep All Surfaces Clear At All Times

There’s nothing worse than trying to cook or clean and reach somewhere only to find that the surface is cluttered with books or newspapers just waiting to fall off and onto the floor, so always try and keep everything off, so there aren’t any accidents later on.


Take The Time To Sort Out What Needs To Be Sorted Out

Be it sorting out your finances, lifestyle, or even your mental health with drug rehab. Sometimes it’s a lot more efficient to spend some time picking up and sorting through items rather than trying to clean everything at one particular go. 


This is because you can pick up things a lot faster when they’re scattered around the place, so it works well as an advantage if you have some free time on your hands that can be devoted towards cleaning.


Stack Away All Dirty Clothes Into Piles

When dirty clothes are lying around everywhere, then the chances are that some of these may get lost or misplaced as people try and find somewhere to put them where they’ll be visible but won’t create clutter, which means having a designated space for dirty clothes such as a pile for each clothes will make things easier when trying to find specific items of clothing later on.


Keep Your Bathroom Clutter-Free

The bathroom tends to see more activity than any other room in the home since it’s where people go when brushing their teeth, taking showers or baths, or washing hands, which means extra care should be taken when cleaning the area, so it remains free of clutter waiting to get in the way. 


Clutter tends to get in the way when people are trying to perform their usual routines, so try and keep the bathroom free of them as much as possible so you can be sure everything will go smoothly.


Get Rid Of Old Magazines

Old magazines can be thrown out, but what do you do with all those extra periodicals lying around? Sometimes these may need to be stored away somewhere else until they’re needed again, but there are other times where you may need to part with some of them as well and throw them out. 


This is especially true for old newspapers, which often end up becoming a breeding ground for germs and bacteria if they’re not disposed of properly due to their porous nature, so these things should be thrown away whenever possible.


Have A Separate Storage Area For All Your Items

Many people don’t realize how much space can be freed up and made available if only they had a separate storage area (or areas) where their excess belongings or things they don’t need could be stored away until the time comes when it’s needed again, whatever it may be. 


Then, rather than having these items take up valuable space at home, store them away to free up even more room which can be used for other purposes such as using this extra space to workout in without needing an external gym membership.


Get Rid Of Clutter By Giving It Away

Perhaps you’ve had enough of your collection items such as video games or DVDs and don’t want to sell them. However, you can still get rid of them by giving them away to someone who will enjoy them more than you do at the moment. This works well because it’s a win-win situation for both parties involved, so there’s no reason why you can’t do this whenever necessary.


Keep A Small Rubbish Bin In Every Room

Keeping a small rubbish bin in each room enables people to dispose of any rubbish or debris they may have when trying to clean their homes, such as food scraps, tissues, or even nail clippings if applicable. This allows for less elbow grease and effort required when tidying up because everything can be removed easily without running around looking for one centralized area that has space available.

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