Light it Up!

For many, they don’t see their gifts at all. They don’t see their natural God-given talents as anything more than something to do.

But here’s the thing there is a reason you were born with them. And truth be told, when you look at yourself, and then look at another and feel yours aren’t as good or are not what “everyone else” seems to have; news flash, they aren’t supposed to be like everyone else.

Wouldn’t life be boring if we all had the same gifts?

So in that thinking, what are you naturally good at, what are your talents, what comes easy, what makes your heart sing?

Humor me for a bit as you read this post and forget school, forget what you learned, forget what you were told to focus on, take interest in be it at a desk, on a field, or in a book.

What do you love, what are you good at, what makes you want to grab a torch and light ‘er up?

Because your gifts are a flame and guess what? You-yes you, get to hold the torch. Don’t be afraid, don’t judge, analyze, or wonder if it’s right, good enough or will fit in. Because truth be told, it won’t! And that’s the whole point!

It saddens me when I look out and see so many that just aren’t willing to even hold the torch out of fear they will get burned. Out of worry, their flame won’t burn as bright as others.

I was that person, I have spent most of my life in fear I wasn’t good enough, it had been ingrained into my DNA that this what the mentality one takes in life. And for years it crippled me, for years it kept me only holding the torch, but so afraid to light it.

And then even when I got to light it, I was constantly analyzing if my flame was up to snuff.

Well, mine is and so is yours.

But you have to believe it, and sadly many won’t. Many will only think about it, only choose to watch on the sidelines, only talk about others flames be it positive or negatively.

It takes an extraordinary person to carry fire, to light a path for themselves and others.

So I say…Burn it up!!!!!

What lights your path? What are you burning up about? I want to know.

Leave a comment, I can’t wait to hear about what kind of fire you are running with!




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