Personal confidence in a business environment is at an all time low. A lot of people entering the workforce right now feel like they don’t belong, and struggle to find their voice within the workplace. Afraid of making a mistake and looking ‘silly’, it’s easier to just get on with your job and ignore the chance to innovate. 

But from a career standpoint, this is no way to work! You deserve to chase after your ambitions and make the workplace work for you. So, here are some great ways to build confidence in a business environment. 













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Do Your Research

If you want to walk into a meeting and impress everyone in there, you’re not going to be able to do so without a hardy bit of research! You need to know what you’re talking about, what issues are going to be on the table, and how best to approach someone else’s idea with a supplementary one of your own.

Talk to your colleagues to see what they think, then develop your own ideas by going through the meeting’s purpose systematically. What’s going on? Is it causing a problem? And what’s likely to fix that? 

Pay it Forward

Compliments might seem like they have no place in a working environment, but that couldn’t be more false. Compliments let people know that you’re a good person to work with. You see and appreciate another’s hard work, and you’re willing to let someone else have the spotlight when they deserve it. So, if you’re sick of things like office politics and jealousy ruling the career sign, be happy for someone! Pay it forward and it’ll soon be coming back to you in droves. You might even make some friends at work, which is never a bad thing. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Smile

Smiling in the workplace makes you approachable. It helps you to socialize with your coworkers and can create a sense of goodwill when you’re in an uncertain situation. But if you feel insecure about your smile, think about investing in a retainer to protect your teeth, or use teeth whitening at home. But a truly meant and freely given smile will always come across as lovely and genuine, and people will respect you for it. Start smiling away! 

Dress the Part

This might be something you always feel self conscious about. When you’re not dressed the part, you don’t feel like you belong. However, when you do try to dress the part, you might feel like a child in an adult’s clothing! So you’ve got to try and strike a balance between these two fine lines. You need to look like yourself, but you also need to look professional, and like you’re the best representative for the company you’re working for. 

If you want to build your confidence at work, use tips like these to start. The more you feel like you belong, and like a mistake won’t end your career, the easier the job will be! 

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