Worthy living… insights into living your best life.

Is spring in sight? 

Is it possible that this crazy winter will break eventually? 

I am not quite sure. 

I have been in a vast amount of self reflection of myself the last several months and in that asking myself continually “what do I want”?  “What makes me light up”? “What is burning inside me to be shared”?

And it’s interesting, because how I view yoga, life, and my priorities is VERY different that it has ever been. 

And the biggest change is not my focus in my career or even my yoga practice. It’s my view of myself. It’s how I see myself, and myself in the world. 

I have been in daily meditation over the word “worthy” and what that means to me. And never truly feeling worthy of much of anything had left me at the mercy of everyone’s demands, wants and needs. And let’s be honest pulled in a zillion different directions and never really truly feeling I could meet my potential and reap the benefits of it. 

Have you ever been there? 

I listened to an audio book about six months ago and this idea of “worthy” and not receiving life fully because deep down you do not feel worthy. Hit me to the core and brought me to my knees. 

And this is where my yoga practice stepped in yet again. Sifting through my feelings and emotions and knee jerk reactions to life on my mat gave me insights I did not yet have. Gave me room to breathe, feel and love. Build the confidence to just be me. 

Gave me the ability to embrace my dreams, desires and see what it is I am climbing for I am deserving of. 

Have you ever been there? 

Thank you yoga for the insights and knowledge to know I am a rock star and no longer ashamed to share that! That one day you will see me on the big stage and say “I took class from her”. 

You may read that and say “wow she’s full of herself”. And it is those exact words that has kept me back for YEARS from reaching my potential. From going for it. From staying small, stuck and with the mentality that I am just suppose to “be happy” with what I have. 

Well I’ve got news for you… You can have MORE. You are MORE. You deserve MORE. 
And you can have it with a humble heart and a kind spirit. 

From my heart to yours…. 

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