It always seems that for many the backs of the legs are tight and cranky. For a slew of reasons our hamstrings seem to cause problems:

Help I need better hamstring flexibility!

  1. We sit WAY to LONG! This locked up ninety degree position for long periods of time leave our backside short and tight-yikes!
  2. We wear to many shoes with a positive heel. Yep it’s not just women but your $100 Nike kicks or memory foam Sketchers lift your heel which shortens the backs of the legs and leave your calves locked short, which impacts the health of your hammies.
  3. We go from one extreme to the next. Sitting or standing with little movement all day to extreme fitness: biking, running, Zumba, whatever and we forget to bridge the gap, what are we doing in between?
  4. Did someone say back pain? Yep your little ole legs can largely impact the health and harmony of your back, as well as the alignment of your pelvis. Imagine walking around with a toddler wrapped to your leg all day-wow is right.

These above are just a few, but I can bet that you can relate to at least one if not all.

Today’s practice is dedicated to the backs of your legs: hamstrings, calves all the way to the bottoms of your feet. This area is all connected (well the entire body is connected) and what one area does or does not do affects the next. Come practice with me today and see if you can discover a few new areas of your body you didn’t know you had.


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