I took my first training in May of 2003, during my Freshman year at Marquette University, hoping to major in theology and public speaking-I wanted to be an inspirational speaker (can you imagine…).
   I had been coming to my mat weekly for sometime and at my teachers suggestion to enroll in a (weekend) yoga training, something in me ticked, and off I was weeks later to Colorado for a month long journey that will have forever changed me.
   I often reminisce to students (who ask) how I can clearly remember sitting in the circle of eleven on the day of orientation and hearing my inner soul speak as to what my plan was going to be-where my journey was going to be taking me. I never wrote it down, but it was burned into my brain, what I was to do- part of that was to eventually offer a teacher training to my students and fellow yogis. After that training, and postponing my re-enrollment two different times, I said goodbye to Marquette and hello to my life calling.
   This yoga teacher training program is ever evolving since the awakening in 2009 when it first ran with just 4 people. And since then I have never stopped tweaking and refining things each and every time, because as I evolve in my teachings shouldn’t all of you too? I have found that I tend to be very hard on myself working to ensure the best outcome as to the nature of this training (and any other one that I do) and the success of both the training itself and the students who enroll.
   And over time one vital thing I have come to understand and believe is that things happen exactly as they should for reasons (many times) beyond basic understanding, and as much as I hope my students are continually able to grow from my offering of this journey, I too am changed each time I pour my heart, soul and knowledge into this offering.
   I very much approach this ‘yoga teacher training’ as a personal growth journey and that you get out what you put in, and only those willing to truly look deeply at themselves should enter. Time and time again it never ceases to amaze me that those who enroll are meant to. When you allow yourself to grow deeply and continually work to evolve yourself ,you (with some guidance) become a great yoga teacher.
YTT Graduates 2011
   The draw to become a yoga teacher in today’s America is huge and with all the various programs out there, mine is just one of hundreds of thousands, and if you are just looking to learn sequences, the skeleton framework of postures and become a yoga teacher on paper then this is not the program for you.
   But if you are looking to work to begin (because this is just the beginning of learning) to understand the actual body, how we move in life by use of our yoga mat,  and most importantly ready to begin working on yourself, then this program is worth looking into.
  For those of you who have practiced with me know I am not your average yoga teacher, and for many of my students and former teacher trainers many come back to say they didn’t realize what I was offering them (as a student and/or trainee) until they shopped elsewhere.
   During these nine months I heavily focus on assisting each of my students in the ability to look into the mirrors that are their yoga mats and lives (and trust me I get to do the same each and every time). Those mirrors are looked into through daily meditation and asana practice, cultivating a new perspective on functional body awareness, new learning styles, being asked to continually step outside your comfort zone to see, learn and communicate in new and different ways. Get ready to laugh, cry, simile and dig into the person you know you can become!
   I may have not completed my public speaking and theology degree on paper, but I found it through my life’s work elsewhere!

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