There are hundreds of yoga poses, and thousands of variations of those poses, and yes I am sure we all have our favorites. But for some seeing the bazillions of postures can be overwhelming and that can leave you then feeling clueless were to start. And sadly with that amount of overwhelm many when choose to not start at all.

For me I am all about accessible yoga, don’t get me wrong I love arm balances and am always working on my handstand, but those poses do not equate to an experienced yogi nor are they are requirement to start yoga. Sadly many struggle to master these poses never truly being properly guided as to how to work into such a pose, not to mention ever had explained to them what might be restricting such an achievement or that maybe their arms are physically to short or their legs to long to do that pose in such a way.

So there are several little things I do throughout the day to keep myself balanced, happy and mobile, but one pose I love to do every day and would absolutely suggest YOU (yes YOU) do every single day is not fancy, nor is it complicated. And the best part is no yoga mat required, no fancy yoga pants needed, just a willing body and a few breaths to leave that body of yours feeling a wee bit better for your next endeavor.

One Yoga Pose I do Everyday | Reclined Twist Hope Zvara

Here’s the SIMPLE & EASY How To for the yoga pose I do everyday:


  1. Lying on your back
  2. Open your arms to a “T” or a cactus position, palms up
  3. Work to relax your shoulders deeply into the ground
  4. With your knees bent, open your feet wider than your hips (mats width or wider)
  5. Take a deep breath in and drop your knees to the left (do not force the inward knee down)
  6. Hold for one to five minutes letting gravity do all the work
  7. Allow your back to arch and the right hip to lift
  8. If you like lift and turn your head to the right keeping the length of the neck
  9. Come back to center and repeat on the opposite side
  10. Finally steeple the knees together with the feet wide CRP (Constructive Rest Pose) and relax for an additional one to five minutes

Don’t make yoga complicated, one pose is yoga and the most important thing is you feel good!

This is a wonderful pose to destress the spine and to relieve an aching back, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this pose in bed before I get up, I think of it as a transition phase from still slumber to up and at em.

Happy Yoga-ing


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