Give the gift of encouragement this season!

A collection of enlightening stories to reconnect, uplift & inspire your soul's journey. 

Authors Include: 

Hope Zvara, Kate Butler, Kellie Adkins, Colleen Hauk, Jeanine Mihalak, Snowe Saxman, Stephanie Sorrells, Michelle Dunk, Erin Whalen, Faith Leuschen, Teresa Huggins, Lucette Beall, Shelly Hodges, Belinda Ginter, Donna Brown, Jennifer Granger, Eve Wittenmyer, Lee Tkachuk, Melissa Camilleri, Anjela Ford 

Hope's "Hope Now" Story: 

"When I started down the path towards yoga, I had no idea what it was going to be taking me to. My life was a wreck, I was holding on by a thread, borderline hopeless. But a suggestion of a caring soul, led me to yoga. 

To this day, I still can’t exactly explain or pin point what yoga did for me (over the course of many, many sessions, many years) but yoga gave me hope again that my life had purpose, that there was a plan for me, and it just so happened yoga was big part of it. 

 All my life, I have had a passion for people, with just one slight different decision I would probably be off in some country doing mission work (in a much warmer climate). But where I am now is exactly where I need to be and the work I do now is a lot like my passion for helping those in need in third world countries. Today I am helping those lost in their bodies, minds, and souls, rediscover who they are, their bodies, and how to connect with them as they truly integrate into this life to then follow their own calling. " 

-Hope Zvara