Greetings Yogis, July is off to a great start & I look forward to seeing you all on your mats this month! I love coming to the studio and seeing so many people stepping onto their mats offering themselves self care. Offering themselves a few moments of the day to rest and restore. In today’s world this idea of rest is what some might say ” for when you are dead“. But without a few minutes a day that saying might come sooner than you think. I have realized that our minds and the media science that surrounds us daily has drastically impacted our decisions and truths as to what we feel is healthy for our bodies and lives. So for me I am a person that likes to reflect and figure out what are my “authentic” truths. What is vital to me? And what I have found is that many truths I may hold are not authentic to me. Some are concepts I heard somewhere, some are what I felt at one time was right and others are what I have felt others expect of me.

All of this gets me into the present and so I reflect, asking myself not to think about this but rather feel what is truly necessary and important to me. What do I need. And sadly what usually is keeping me from those authentic essentials is habit, laziness, social marketing, and fear. Lately I have been feeling a real need to make a bigger investment in my own personal health and well-being as that is the most important thing. We are all teachers and if we truly want to teach who cares what comes out of a persons mouth its the authentic life and actions they live by that really is the example.

I heard someone say this past week traveling “humility is a huge part of health”, and it got me to thinking about doctors, teachers, parents and my own personal life. Widen the scope in which you live. Step out a bit more, with humility riding next to you. Step off the high horse and know that we all can learn from each person that surrounds us each day of the week, each moment of our lives-if we choose. And without humility we then lose out on learning from the most vital person in our lives…ourselves.

So I am writing this month to each of my fellow students what I have been reflecting on myself for the last several months. What are my authentic truths, what is vital to me, what do I need to be the best version of me, and why am I not living this way. Know it’s a process but one only you can be in the driver seat for.  It’s like your hip hurts to the point that it’s limiting you from things you enjoy, altering your attitude and affecting your relationships and outlook on life; yet when you narrow it down to the why: the high sugar intake that is caking your joints and the excessive running for reasons that maybe be excessive and unhealthy are not being acknowledged. (This is just one example).

Know that each one of us doesn’t know it all and never will, but each one of us does have something for each of us to expand from if we choose. So let me ask you this, are your blinders on? I often look at life when someone freaks out at me over something silly or feels the need to blame (and I was that person to the fullest) I work to have humility and remind myself that the reaction they are having over something very minor has nothing to do with me, but within their own person and that I to can learn from this situation if I choose.  And that I can act instead of react.

So I want to leave you all with a moment to turn inward and ask yourself “what is vital to me”? “What do I need to thrive?” “Am I not allowing myself to be humble in my interactions with all of creation; if not then why?” Know this is not to get upset, but to feel freedom in the knowing that you can change and that life is a journey and a pretty darn good one.

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