What three questions will yoga always ask us? Well the yoga that I know requires me to come to my mat mentally, emotionally, spiritually and yes physically. When I attend my practice 150% I am able to listen and hear exactly what is available to me in that moment.

During that moment our practice can ask us:

1.  What do you want?
What do you want in this moment? What do you want out of life right now? What do you want from yourself? What do you want to get out of the pose you are in? And the reality is that the effort we put into anything will in fact determine what we will get out of it. Even in yoga we blame: our mat, the teacher, the heavy breather next to us in class, that we didn’t drink enough water (which most of us really don’t), too tired, injury-whatever! But take a moment right now and close your eyes and ask yourself out loud “what do you want?”. If my not have anything to do with your yoga mat practice, however in the end how you practice does reflect your attitude, effort and involvement in life’s tasks.

2.  How much do you want it?
Well now we will all say “I really want it”, but do you really, really, really want it? For most of us unless an absolute fire is under our hinder we don’t totally 150% want it. I’m guilty of that and can admit it. Do I like that, heck no! But what I realize is a few things. One, maybe my life is shifting, two, possibly what I say I want is not really what I want, three, I’m laze areas I need to get my butt moving, four, maybe I have a few influences in my life that I allow to encourage me to not be motivated, five, maybe my anxiousness is getting in the way and holding me down,  six, maybe I just don’t really want it?

3.  What are you willing to do about it?
Well, what are you willing to do about it? So take a moment once again and ask yourself, out loud “how much do I really, really, want ABC?” Do you desire it so much that you are willing to change certain parts of your life to make it happen? Maybe your T.V. is sucking the life and time right out from under you-so get rid of it! Maybe you need a leap of faith to make a job change, quit your job or move?

Whatever it is, the truth is we say we can’t and really we can, it is just a matter of how much we want it, and how much we are willing to go through to get to it? The key word here is willing-willing to come to yoga alone when your friend no longer comes, willing to ask for help when you don’t understand what the instructor is asking of you, willing to try a new class, or set up your mat in a new area (yes yoga can be like high school, same spot every time), willing to make a change in your life based on your needs rather than on what everyone else will think.

On or off the mat yoga is continually asking us these very things; are you ready to listen?


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