Public speaking is not just a skill; it’s a strategic asset that can catapult your business into unprecedented success. It’s an effective way to grow your business through speaking, bring forth your voice, and driving meaningful connections. For many business owners, speaking engagements are a gateway to expanding their network, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads. If you wish to leverage this powerful strategy to spur business growth, this blog is for you.

Step 1: Leverage Personal and Professional Networks
Your first-place treasure trove in locating speaking opportunities lies within your immediate circle. Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues to check if they know about any forthcoming event or conference looking for speakers – a simple referral can set the stage for your speaking debut.

Step 2: Join Speaker Bureaus and Directories
Boost your chances of getting discovered by potential speaking opportunities and grow your business by joining speaker bureaus, agencies, and directories that inherently connect speakers with event organizers.

Step 3: Attend Industry Events and Conferences
You can build connections, increase visibility, and potentially uncover upcoming speaking opportunities by attending industry-specific events, workshops, and conferences. If you want a meeting planner to take you even more seriously, attend their event as a participant; telling them their event is fantastic and that you haven’t attended yourself can only work so much. Stand out from others and learn the ins and outs and what worked and didn’t so you can truly help that meeting planner in the coming year. 

Step 4: Partner with Organizations and Associations
Step up your efforts to grow your business through speaking by collaborating with relevant organizations and professional or industry associations – offering your speaking services at their events could lead to fruitful relationships and further opportunities. These people are your friends; how can you help them help you? What can you do to help them grow through your services? Borrow their credibility. 

Step 5: Create an Online Presence
Showcasing your expertise, past speeches, and testimonials can aid in forming a compelling case when approaching potential organizers – your digital footprint is your online CV. In today’s world, this is SUPER DUPER important. 99.9% of the time, someone WILL Google you, and if you don’t come up anywhere, they will assume you are no longer doing what you are doing. Don’t like being online, then this might not be the right business for you. 

Step 6: Harness Social Media
Social media platforms could be your golden ticket to unearthing speaking opportunities. Sharing valuable content about your field of expertise, engaging with relevant posts, and fostering relationships with professionals in your industry can go a long way toward getting you on stage. Most want-to-be speakers make the mistake of going onto the platform THEY like and hanging out there; that is a MISTAKE. Where you need to be is where your PEOPLE are. And in the beginning, instead of being on every platform (despite what other so-called experts say), pick 1-2 platforms and knock it out of the park! Give those six months and then expand. Just because you reshare everywhere doesn’t mean you are everywhere. There is a difference. 

Step 7: Create Video Content
You can effortlessly showcase your aptitude and expertise by creating and sharing videos of yourself speaking on selected topics. This could be the push an organizer needs to invite you on stage. Grand Cardone says to post videos like no one will ever watch them and hit submit! People don’t want polished today; they want real, they want you. So give that to them. Share your life, your highs and lows, your little hacks and wins. Share, share, share!

Step 8: Offer Webinars and Virtual Presentations
Offering webinars on various platforms can help establish your authority in your niche. Consider this to build an audience and showcase your speaking skills. Why not build your own house? You don’t need 1000’s of people on the webinar. Even if a few attend and when implemented correctly and set up properly, a webinar can bring in $ 1000 of dollars in a short 45 minutes. 

Step 9: Volunteer for Local Events
Volunteering at local events can enhance your reputation, which may lead to more significant speaking opportunities. Most business owners, the second they want to speak, think BIG. And that is a mistake. Your community is a secret honeyhole to fast growth when you leverage it. Don’t just volunteer at local events; partner and create speaking opportunities to get your business, message, and heart out to the community – which are your people and are often connected to the people you want to be connected to. 

Step 10: Pitch Event Organizers and Conference Planners
Getting proactive and reaching out to event organizers in your industry with a persuasive presentation proposal can highlight the benefits of inviting you to speak at their event. The first step is to create a 1-3 page speaker kit (longer is not better). don’t overdo it, but highlight yourself, the problem you solve, the audience you serve, how you serve, and the results they get from working with you. Be mindful of the balance of pictures to words, and don’t shove too much on (a mistake most make). Showcase your talk with keywords that let the gatekeeper know you are for them. Do this right, and you are on the fast track to winning stages! 

Step 11: Join or Start a Toastmasters Club
Consider joining or starting a local Toastmasters Club to enhance your speaking skills and stay ahead of speaking opportunities. Or better yet, make your right in your backyard. Invite other business owners over or on Zoom and practice giving short talks. The person who can get good at telling people what they do and how they help people with the least words- ALWAYS WINS! 

Step 12: Speak at Universities and Colleges
Speaking engagements at universities can boost your reputation and credibility within the industry. Consider speaking to the Alumni and offering opportunities to give back (Universities love that!)

A practical action plan combines these multiple tactics to seek speaking opportunities and proactively build a solid personal brand. Grow your business through speaking by effectively leveraging various platforms and networks and staying abreast of your industry’s happenings.

Remember, every speaking opportunity is a chance to spotlight your business and unique experiences, offering valuable insights to a wide-ranging audience. If you have any further queries or need personalized tips on leveraging public speaking for your business, please connect with Hope Zvara today. Together, let’s unlock the speaker in you and grow your business to newer, unimaginable heights.

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