Siting on the floor with our knees bent and the foam roller behind you, place your hands onto the foam roller slightly wider than shoulders width, finger tops facing you.

Inhale and lift your bottom off the floor and press your feet into the mat, big toes next to each other (do not sit on the outer edges of the feet).

Exhale draw upward on the pelvic floor and activate the inner thighs and glutes.

Lift your heart and keep your eye line forward.


Taking a nice rib cage inhale; exhale and bend the elbows allowing the foam roller to rock a bit.

Keep the elbows pulling together towards each other and do not let your seat drop (like a gym version of this)

The challenging part is to do the move with your elbows bending, not your hips hinging.

Breath Review: Inhale at reverse plank à Exhale to lower only as far as you can keep “reverse plank body” à Inhale hold and hover à Exhale and return back to center being mindful of using your torso or pelvic-core to return back to center.

Repeat 3-10, only doing as many as you can successfully practice each one.

For beginners focus on just holding Reverse Plank or even Reverse Table with knees bent, heels under hips.


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