Greetings to all my dear yogi friends. 

I cannot believe how time has flown. Yesterday marks 7 years my husband and I have been married and just six months ago was the anniversary of Copper Tree’s opening just 7 years ago as well. I feel like time just goes faster and faster as we get older and it’s is all the more reason to be in the moment and soak up every experience that comes our way. 

Excuses seem to flood many of our minds and lives when we feel simply too busy to do things, to connect with important people in our lives and to keep tabs on the important things in life. 

Now, yes, yes, you are saying easier said than done, and I would surely agree with that, as each day I am challenged to stay on course and keep the path. Knowing that the path may change at a moment’s notice and I will need to make sure I have my head in the game to be able to react accordingly when that happens.

But how do we know if our head is not in the game? Well we get snippy at small simple things that happen, we blame others for wrongs in our lives, we blame that we don’t have the help, or the ability or the support to get where we want to be, we reject the ideas of others because they were not our own. We resits rather than persist. Or simply turn unmotivated towards any furthering in our lives.

And from my own personal experiences all I can say to that is, those are merely excuses, and if and when you truly desire to go for a goal and get it done, you can and you will. There is always a way and always time, and always help out there if you choose to step away from the ego and ask that person you are too prideful to ask, work overtime to get those tasks done, or turn away from those time leaches like T.V., gossip, computer surfing etc. My very simply mantra is “less talk and more action”. 

I hold myself highly accountable to the to do lists I have and the desires and dreams I have. And remind myself that if and when I really want something, I am at the end of the day the only one that can go out and make them happen. Weather that is reaching out for help, a guide, gathering the correct tools I need so I’m not spinning my wheels, or maybe it means I step back from doing so much so I can put my energy into what I really need to be doing. Regardless know and understand that the ball is in your court.

So where do I go from here?

1. Make a list of what it is you are working on, what you you have “to do”, moving towards, or have in your scope of dreams.

2. Now write down all the excuses you have said to yourself and others as to why those things are not happening, are not in action. Be honest, this exercise is suppose to benefit you not the ego. 

3. Now put these things in order from most pressing to least pressing, or short term and long term. This way you can see on paper where you need to put your energy and where you maybe need to be asking for help or stepping back in life. And if you have the time and willingness look out day to day and week to week and see how these tasks fit in each day and most importantly be realistic. 

4. Finally, ACTION! One thing at a time, knowing that life does have it ups and downs and knowing that things to change, so be flexible and willing to roll with those little changes. Work to be more open minded and not so critical or jealous of those around you (yes jealous, I check in with my frustration and ask myself if I am comparing and judging and if so I can spot that jealousy and put it to rest). 

Action, noting will happen without action, so go out there and make it happen!


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