In the midst of frustration what else are we to do but lash out.

Why would we rather have to figure out coping strategies to lessen the blow or better yet not be able to take it out on someone else?  And like a food addiction we can so easily become addicted to anger, out bursts and worse off abuse.  We say it’s not going to happen again, that it was just this once-because we were stressed out, annoyed or out of our element, but really we fear change.  We fear that we will be different and that we will possibly have to work at it alter our lifestyle somehow and in some way.  Wouldn’t it simply be easier to just give me a pill or zap me a few times and make it all better?

Isn’t that is so much our society-quick fix without the effort.  So I ask you now to STOP!  Stop with the lies, the anger, the violence towards yourself and all those around you.  If you are to the point where you are hurting others in any way, I can guarantee you that you have been hurting yourself for years.  So the change will have to be gradual and will put you in positions that will challenge you to go back to your ways or to challenge them and turn away.  It comes down to your choice.  We complain that we have no choices in life yet the ones we have control over, we’d rather not have.  So in the midst of frustration here’s the thing, you can choose to change, alter your life, ruffle your feather in the hopes of a new look at the horizon.  Or you can keep down the same path you have continually gone down over and over and over again with zero success, but it’s comfortable and easy and you basically don’t have to try.

Life is full of bumps and bruises, tears and laughs, questions and very few answers but this does not have to stop you from living, from the opportunity of change, from the life you keep saying you want and wonder why you never have.  I know more people that I can count on all my hands and feet that say one thing and NEVER FOLLLOW THROUGH-heck I use to be one of them.  But I’ve learned to say no, to admit when I am wrong (and boy is it hard), to speak up and go after what I know I am capable at in life.  Why watch everyone else live the life you want because you simply don’t want to put the work in.  Really that is what it comes down to.  Give me all the excuses you want, I’ve heard them all because I’ve said them all and simply put-it’s all a load of crap.  Am I perfect no, but, do I try my damdest and hardest to follow my heart, my gut my passion and you bet your bottom dollar I see my work paying off.  And am I afraid to fall; no because I have told myself enough now that falling is part of the game, no shame, just necessary and a requirement in life.

So that anger, that frustration, it’s not your computer (would be an easy fix though), it’s not your Mom or Dad, your boss, your scale, your partner, your date book….it’s you.  You have to step up and step out and welcome fear that makes you start living the life you have been dying to live.  That fear, that worry that doubt is just a wake up that you need to keep moving, keep praying, keep believing and keep WORKING your ass off until you see yourself on the other end.  There is no other way.  I’ve been to the point in my own life that I chanced death all to many times, held death in my arms and still came out above it.  So step up, step out and be somebody—YOURSELF!



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