Everyone knows that exercise and eating well is healthy and good for your body. The problem is that due to years of sports in schools, most of us are loath to get involved in exercise that isn’t mandated! By this point in life, however, you will feel the aches and pains in your body and these can be alleviated with mindful, daily movement. 

Trying to find a new way to move is the key to injecting a little excitement into exercise. You do not have to jog or pound the pavement for miles on end. You do not have to do push ups until your arms fall off. In fact, you can start looking online for the right ‘Muay Thai gym near me’ and start doing something else to keep your body and brain engaged. You need to make exercise fun and it can also help to understand the benefits of movement every day to make it fun. Here they are:

Benefits iof daily movement imageImage source: Pexels

  1. You’ll elevate your mood. Exercise has the ability to help you to combat anxiety and depression and make you feel good. You want to elevate your mood and it’s the best way to do it because you are also making purposeful movements to help your body to feel the way it should: happy.
  2. You will be helping your lymph. The lymphatic system of the body is so important for your immune system and one of the ways to keep that system flowing is with movement. There is a reason that lymphatic massage exists and it’s because of the need to prevent a build up of lymph fluid. There’s no pump to this system like the circulatory or the respiratory systems – it’s reliant on your movement to keep it healthy.
  3. Your bones will thank you. Those aches and creaks that happen with age don’t have to keep happening. When you workout, you will be able to build and preserve your bone mass. This will keep your bones healthier for longer and it will help with bone regrowth and replenishment. Bone mass declines with age but you can do what’s needed to with the right exercise. If the pain of movement is too much, choose slower moving exercises and use swimming to help support your body as you move and you can help your bones to heal quickly.
  4. You give your brain a boost. Brain health should absolutely be concentrated on, especially if you plan to stay feeling cognitively healthy. Exercise is supposed to make you feel fit and alert and by ensuring that you enhance the health of your brain, that’s exactly how it’ll feel.


Regular exercise each day can help your body and mind to be at peak health. Daily movement should be something you concentrate on and if you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late. Make a point of finding out how you can schedule exercise into your day and you’ll be able to feel good from the moment you start.


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