What if core work could be fun? What if core work could be effortless…. Well effortless in that in a split second your body turns on like a wild fire and you are reaping the benefits of killer abs in just one minute flat. And best yet, you are able in that minute to locate areas like your obliques, transversus abdominus, back muscles, and rectus abdominus.

Teaming up for workout is often thought of as the buddy system, only that usually means you do your thing and I’ll do mine and then we go our separate ways. Well not in this case, in Core Functional Fitness it is important to address wellness as a whole unit, that being said the need to interact with others is part of that wellness. When was the last time you worked with your neighbor in yoga, that you laughed in class, oh and all at the same time fired up your core like no other?
In just three minutes flat you can work your middle and feel great.

How To:

  1. Locate two mini balls (available at hopezvara.com store).
  2. Partner one sit down and snugly place one mini ball behind your sacrum.
  3. Once the ball is placed properly, sitting tall, exhale and mindfully tilt just the pelvis so that the sacrum is kissing the mini ball and activate the pelvic floor (view past posts for a how to).
  4. Inhale and recline the spine, keeping neutral back to 45 degrees.
  5. Finally extend your arms up either to shoulder height or slightly higher.
  6. Partner two stand above partner one and step back with one foot for stable balance.
  7. Place a mini ball between you and your partners hands and you too brace your core.
  8. Partner one work to keep your legs, hips and torso still and steady, using all the muscles of your middle to help you do that.

For the next 30 seconds to minute Partner two (standing) direct the ball up and down, right and left, in circles all the while adding resistance to each other.

What partner one (and partner two for that matter) should notice is the entire core region of the body firing, when the ball moves left you feel your left obliques, the ball moves down you notice your lower belly and back. Remember to stay stable and remember that both partners need to resist each other against the ball.

Now switch and see how you both do when you switch roles.

Good luck!

P.S. Personal Trainers this is a wonderful way to get some quick core work in with your clients and make it educational at the same time, helping them locate vital muscles, plus when students learn to use their own bodies versus machines first, the body and mind develop an important relationship that would not otherwise be developed.

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