How to Step Into Something New

How to Step Into Something New

How to step into something new…

I can’t believe it’s November already. 

>>This past year has been one of a kind. 
>>This past year has been one for the books. 
>>This past year has been a good one…for me. 

Last year I decided that no matter what I did, what I stepped into, what came my way, I was going to approach it with a good attitude and a never give up mentality. 

It’s November and I don’t think we say it enough… 
I’m proud of myself. 

*Proud of myself for doing new things. 
*Proud of myself for stepping into unknown territories. 
*Proud of myself for doing things even when I didn’t want to do them.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

Thinking about doing something new is only step one… Well, it’s more like a Pre-Step, like Pre-Kindergarten. 

And then it’s deciding to pull the trigger. But I’ve discovered that there cannot be ANY doubt in your mind that what you are about to do is wrong, not going to work, a bad idea. 

I’ve been working really hard this past year on catching myself immediately when I see ANY doubt creep And when it does I noticed one thing…

If your decision you are about to pull the trigger on is DIFFERENT IN ANY WAY get ready for doubts, a struggle, or an internal debate that it’s not going to work.

This realization was KEY in my pressing on. 

And I want to share that with all of you today. 

If you want things to change, get better, be different (call it what you want) you NEED it to be uncomfortable or at least have that feeling for a moment that’s your signal that you are stepping into uncharted territory.


I was nervous the night before I got married. I knew I wanted to marry my husband and had known I was going to marry him since the 8th grade. 
That night looking at myself in my bathroom mirror, I had a wave of doubt run through me if this was the right decision. 

But I knew that the doubt I was feeling was nerves from something new, the unknown. 
And because I pressed on, we’ve been married for 14 years, have 3 amazing kids, and built a life we love.

>>>>>When you get to the edge of what is familiar you have a choice. 
Go back into your typical patterns and stay exactly where you are…. Or press on.

*Press on even when it’s hard. 
*Press on even when you don’t want to. 
*Press on even when your decisions don’t fit into the status quo.

You guys I created my own pain relief cream. Not a cream I’m filling in my garage. 

Like my own REAL product. (Find out about STIFF Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream)
How did this happen?
I made a decision I wanted to do this and every step after that decision was made I did not like my old thinking or learned feelings and responses derail me from the goal.

Stepping into something new blog post hope zvara

To step into something new:

I took risk. 
​A lot of risk. 
I invested my own money. 
And now have to pick up the phone and call people. 
Ask others for support and help and put me out there every single day with the chance others may not like me. 

But I know and choose to never let doubt and negativity loom in my mind for longer than it takes to think that thought even for a second. 

It’s exhausting to be on yourself like a bloodhound hunting in the woods. Constantly calling yourself out on thoughts, beliefs, and actions most don’t even see happening. 

But now almost a year later of this diligent practice. I’m bearing fruit (I had a lot of internal negative self-talk to work through).

I see those periods of discomfort as markers I’m moving in the right direction and mentally stop and breathe, think, and feel the positive outcome. Where before things not working out always loomed in my mind. 


I was doing all the right things but when I got to the edges of my familiarity I was canceling out all my efforts with my internal dialogue, thoughts, and intentions. 

I created a pain-relief cream!
I created the BEST online program I have ever built!
I coach business clients who want to hear what I have to say!
I get to work with people I never thought possible!

I share this not to brag, but to hopefully inspire you. I did this.

To step into something new:

*I allowed myself the right to think bigger than what I was. 
*I allowed myself to dream bigger than I thought I was allowed to. 
*I allowed myself to be bold despite the negativity would come up against. 

You can do this. 
You can step out. 
You can get there. 

Stop saying 2020 is horrible. 
It’s not. 

It’s different and that’s that. 

Who cares. 

Figure out a way. 

Stop using 2020 as a reason to stay where you are. 

I know this might not be what you want to hear. But it’s the truth. 

I saw 2020 as the best time to step up my game and reach for more. Even when most of the signs around me said it was a bad idea. ​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What can you do today? 

I’d love to hear about it. ​​

Dear Driven Woman: Keep Going

Dear Driven Woman: Keep Going

Dear Driven Woman,

Keep going. I get you–I see you–I am you. Even though you may feel alone at times, you are not. To get where you want to go isn’t easy. It will take every ounce of you but I know you can do this. I believe in you.


It is said that adversity reveals one’s true character. For me, this couldn’t have been truer. 

I never really put much thought into the “type” of person I was. Growing up, I realized at an early age that others didn’t think like me.  They just weren’t motivated like I was. However, as I struggled with an eating disorder and an endless list of additional “problems”, it wasn’t until then that I truly saw the depths of my own character. I WAS different. 


As I was working through my recovery, not one but THREE doctors all told me the same thing–“Best case scenario, Hope, is that you need to learn how to ‘function’ in this world, on medication.” I KNEW that wasn’t my destiny and I wasn’t going to be satisfied with simply surviving in life. My destiny was to thrive and I was going to do it my way–because I was different. 

Driven Woman Hope Zvara Mother Trucker Yoga Blog Post

Hope Zvara of Mother Trucker Yoga

We are all different and have different values. There are certain things that drive us, motivate us, and push us over the edge. For me–I love working and enjoy contributing. Idle downtime is the devil for me. My idea of “downtime” is yoga, going for a walk, working out at the gym, or playing with my kids. Working and contributing allows me to thrive in life rather than simply surviving. To be honest, working and contributing helped me recover and continues to help me stay the path. That’s me. For you–you might be the complete opposite and that’s okay. It’s what makes the world go round. 


Continually over the last 15 years, countless onlookers have said to me:

  • “You are so busy.”
  • “Hope, you do way too much.”
  • “How do you have time to do ______?”
  • “You should slow down and take a breath.”
  • “Hope–you just never stop, do you?”
  • “Listen, you should slow down and take a breath.”

Well, guess what–this is just HOW I AM! I never see working or contributing in life as “doing so much” or “being busy.” I have goals, dreams, and the determination to get there. I am driven and recognize that no one will build the life I want except for me. My purpose surrounds my family and my job. Both enable me to stay healthy. I built a successful business and my family continues to thrive. I will not apologize for this–ever. I’ll never apologize for being me. 

So, what you may view as “busy,” is me being me. When you say, “Hope, your plate is too full”, well that is me filling my cup with great things. When you suggest that I “need to slow down”, it’s me actually being driven and focused. Furthermore, you should never judge a book by its cover. 

never apologize for being a powerful woman blog post


I learned a long time ago–there is a difference between busy work and doing things that build something great. No matter who you are that may be worth reflecting on.

Being busy just for the sake of being active is a waste of time, energy and will eventually break you. But entering into tasks, ideas, and projects that build what you want and where you want to go, is a smart and effective use of your time and talents.


I’ll leave you with this: To all those out there who are highly motivated, go-getters, and dream seekers–keep doing you I see you, I get you, I’m cheering for you.

For those people that have time to judge the actions of others, I urge you to consider that maybe you could be a bit more motivated, driven, or purposeful. And, please, consider what comes out of your mouth and how it may affect the person you are saying it to. Words hurt.



Hope Zvara Square image



PS. I am confident that someone will read this post and take offense. To those people, I urge you to dig a bit deeper and ask yourself why. You may be surprised as to what you find.

How To Know When You Hear His Voice

How To Know When You Hear His Voice

How to know when you hear His voice.

In today’s world there is so much noise. The radio is on, the constant television, and the dreaded electronic devices make it almost next to impossible to let our minds be quiet so we can hear His voice, hear from our Creator (or the Universe).

It seems that in today’s world people almost fear quiet, that what if they in-fact hear something from within? That is in His voice and not something else, someone else.

But that is part of the problem. We in today’s world aren’t hearing, or at least many of us aren’t. And as a result we feel lost, empty, confused, angry, fearful and like there is no hope. But I assure you that voice from within is IN there, His voice in inside you. You just need to get quiet enough to hear His voice.

How can you get quiet?

For starters, consider having some designated downtime without any devices, television or external chatter. Go for a walk and leave your cell phone at home (yes you heard me). Fifteen minutes before bed designated that to quiet time lying in bed breathing or meditating or journaling, something to help you go within. Even schedule it in your calendar if you have to, your nervous system really does depend on it!

But once you get quiet one of my biggest challenges was how do I know what voice I’m hearing? Is it His voice? How do I know it’s His voice, my Inner Guide, God, the Holy Spirit, Universal Consciousness (call it what you want, lets not get caught up in the name)?

A few weeks ago I had my weekly “me time” where I get to get nourished and filled with insights and have soul time at Sunday service listening to my dear friend and pastor John Bass. And during the service he read to us the difference between the “enemy’s” voice and “God/Inner Spirit’s” voice. And boy did it hit home.

I found myself saying “yes” and could even feel my heart both ache and feel the grace of God as I listened to him read this comparison.

So how do you know when it’s His Voice?

The enemy’s voice OBSESSES YOU. God’s voice CALMS YOU. 

The enemy’s voice WORRIES YOU. God’s voice COMFORTS YOU. 

The enemy’s voice CONDEMNS YOU. God’s voice CONVICTS YOU.

The enemy’s voice CONFUSES YOU. God’s voice ENLIGHTEN’S YOU.

The enemy’s voice DISCOURAGES YOU. God’s voice ENCOURAGES YOU.

The enemy’s voice PUSHES YOU. God’s voice  LEADS YOU.

The enemy’s voice FRIGHTENS’S YOU. God’s voice REASSURES YOU. 

The enemy’s voice RUSHES YOU. God’s voice STILLS YOU.

This guide moved me in such a way that I felt such conviction, closure and assurance as to so many of the questions I was not sure of the answers. The above is by my bedside, in my journal, and on my phone.

When we never get quiet, and even if we do, not knowing is sometimes what can push us to start to seek more external input and we all know that such information can muddy the waters.

So today, turn inward, listen up, and get quiet. Your next steps are waiting for you to walk them, be assured  they are for you. Be assured that it is His voice, trust that. And even if you find they aren’t, beginning to walk again is sometimes the hardest step. And it is trusting His voice is guiding you. And the more you trust His voice, the more clearly you hear it.

Namaste. And do not be afraid to get quiet enough to hear His voice and listen.

5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

5 Ways to boost self-confidence.

On April 6th I get to celebrate 35 years of life, love and walking down this path we call life!

Why be shy about it? 
Why hide it?
Why down play this celebration of life?
Why not shine like the bright star you are?

This was not always my style of thinking. I use to be uncomfortable with the thought of shining too bright. I use to worry others would notice me and because I would be noticed, others would judge me.

That people would criticize me, and because they didn’t know my whole story…get the wrong idea that yes, I am a recovering addict. But I am successfully in recovery (well always working on myself). Except, even though I clawed my way into recovery, I still lacked the self-confidence to let my light shine bright. 

In 35 years I have learned a lot. 
In 35 years I have slowly come to a place were I am OK with who I am. 
And more importantly, I am less concerned with what others think. 

Let me explain. 
My entire life I have been WAY TO FOCUSED on what others think of me, my choices and life, and as a result my self-confidence was zilch. 

I would run myself into the ground trying to please others and often time end up depleted, frustrated, and rundown. 

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I truly began to understand this is no way to live and no way to get ahead in life and as only killing my self-confidence at every pass. And it was around that time which I realized this entire approach to life was a learned behavior that I could in fact… unlearn.

To say that the process of breaking such a habit would be as easy, would be a lie. 

Slowly, taking one situation at a time I have grown to a place where I am more confident, where my self-confidence shines more each day. I care about others, respect others, but no longer am willing to sacrifice my happiness and or my desire to walk the path my Creator has set for me simply on the fear others may not be happy. 

I struggled with this because I would get wrapped up in my thoughts thinking that this was selfish, rude, and un-yogic like. 

But it was yoga which taught me caring for myself and living my life in the best light I can, the way I feel I am called to do is how you can best care for others.

Here are five things that come to mind when I reflect on my own self-confidence and what helped me cultivate it.

Self-Confidence Blog Hope Zvara

5 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence:

  1. Learn to be Uncomfortable. First on the yoga mat with poses, then in life with people. Just sitting with emotions, breathing, and letting things pass.
  2. Use Your Voice. First through teaching, sharing my point of view with the understanding that others may not agree. Then in life, at first little things, and when someone would disagree, letting that conversation be, and not recanting myself to appease the other person.
  3. Began to Ask Yourself What Feels Good to Me. Not one thing is going to be 100% right for everyone. No diet, no exercise, not even yoga. And knowing that is OK, there is no need to convince someone of your practice or lifestyle.
  4. Get Quiet to Get Loud. Not yelling, but to use my voice with confidence I first needed to get real quiet and listen, feel, and process. As someone who would often shoot from the hip in life. This has served me well.
  5. Realize and Fully Understand That Not Everyone in Life Will like You, and That is OK. I know some of you will feel the need to email me and tell me “I like you”. And I appreciate that, but it’s not necessary. I have found great strength in others not liking me, not agreeing with me, or flat out rejecting me. It has been one of my best muscle builders to help my light shine bright.

So today, let your light shine bright. Let it beam with self-confidence. Don’t worry a thing about whose eyes may not like it. Shine baby, shine and let your self confidence burn bright!

From my heart to yours,


Walking the Labyrinth of Life

Walking the Labyrinth of Life

Walking a labyrinth of life. Have you ever walked a labyrinth? 

In the beginning, it’s slow, you’re young, you don’t know much, the world is new and different.

But as you walk towards the center of the labyrinth, even though your pace is the same things speed up. You are able to circle the labyrinth more quickly and get to the center quite quickly.

And like life, once you meet the center there is a moment of bliss, peace and unfolding. And mid-life is like that. There comes a time (for many) when they reach a point in their lives where they feel like they “got it”. And the stop to look around and show gratitude for this amazing life (good or bad-you’re alive and that is flipping amazing, have you looked around you lately and what all of creation is offering you. Pretty epic).

And at the center of the labyrinth, you stop and take a moment to pray, to release anything that you no longer need to carry, you pay gratitude, you ask for forgiveness, to be made new, to release and now take in the next phase of your journey.

As you start your journey back out the winding circles of the labyrinth again it seems faster at first, even though your pace is nearly the same. But as you start to get closer to the outer windings of the circle it begins to take you longer to reach the end. Things slow down, you slow down.

In life, it’s much the same way. After mid-life and you start to step into the golden years, things slow down. Kids are all grown up, you may be retired, have moved. Where now you have slowed down as we all know eventually we all reach the end of the circle.

Now when you walk a labyrinth you often are asked to take an intention in with you and then knowing you may leave with something else as you exit.

But life is often that way. Many enter college and get a 4-year degree only to discover that they are to do something entirely different.

Because the thing is, in life, we change. We grow. We expand and contract at various moments of our lives. What seems slow will eventually speed up and what seems fast will eventually slow down.

It was brought to my attention this morning while walking the labyrinth that pace is everything.

And my pace throughout the entire walk circling through the winding paths of the labyrinth my pace was the same. One foot in front of the other and the journey’s path got quicker, faster, shorter.

But it was my pace that kept me calm, it was my pace that kept me focused, it was my pace that helped and allowed me to hold strong a powerful intention going in and coming out.

So wherever your journey leads you, keep pace.

Wherever your feet lead you, keep pace.

Whatever you find in your path, know it’s there for a reason and keep pace.

It may at times seem like the world is moving quickly around you and you need to “run” the rat race too, but I assure you keep pace and you will end up exactly where you need to be at the exact right time.

Blessings to all,



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