What You Need For Great Outdoor Workouts

What You Need For Great Outdoor Workouts

The sun is bright and high, and it’s going to make you want to workout outdoors. Whether you find a cozy spot in your garden, nice secluded space in the park, or perhaps in some secret rural area, outdoor workouts are great fun. You’re not short of fresh air, there are no restrictions to your movement, and you may have more exciting things to look at as you raise a sweat. However, during this weather, you should be careful. Outdoor workouts are great if you know what to do during the workout when things get tough.


Workout near shade


Always workout where there is shade. Our body can only sweat so much. It cannot bring down our body temperature as quickly as it can be raised. Working out in the sun is refreshing, but when your body is working hard and being hit by direct sunlight, it can cause early heat exhaustion. So always workout where there is shade. Heat exhaustion can come on suddenly, and it can cause you to collapse. So if you ever feel faint, you should never be more than 5 steps away from shade, such as from a tree, patio pergola, etc.


Sun protection


Of course, as you are out in the sun, you need to wear sunscreen. If you have irritable skin, choose products for sensitive skin, such as a calming toner. This toner will gently cool your skin and visibly reduce pore size. Doing this helps your skin to absorb better and retain hydrating products such as sunscreens. If you plan on wearing workout clothes that are a little more revealing, then make sure you get those areas too. Ask someone to apply sunscreen to your back, neck, and shoulders if you can’t reach them.

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Not just water


When you sweat, your body loses valuable salts. These salts help to absorb water in your skin, but they also carry electrolytes with them. So it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water with you for hydration and an energy drink for refueling your body with salts and electrolytes. Not many people will want to do this because carrying two bottles is a little annoying. However, a simple workout bag can take the hassle off your hands. 


The right clothing


You may think it’s fine to take your normal workout clothes to your outdoor workout session. This is not a problem if you have the right clothing, to begin with. Materials that can absorb and evaporate sweat will keep your body cool and prevent your legs and arms from sticking. Synthetics such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic are better than natural materials like cotton and linen for this job. They stretch, absorb, and don’t shrink when you throw them in the wash.


If you plan to work out outdoors during this warm weather, remember always to be close to shade, refuel your system with electrolytes, and protect your skin from sun damage. Not to mention, invest in better workout clothes.

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