Expanding Your Wellness with a Little MORE Hope & Karen Urbanek

Expanding Your Wellness with a Little MORE Hope & Karen Urbanek

Have you ever met someone in your life and felt like you connected, had a TON in common, and could do great things together? But maybe the timing wasn’t exactly right???

That’s my good friend Karen Urbanek and I. We met several years ago when she had just started her small natural food store in my local area. Over the years we did a few things together and her life eventually took her to Utah and I continued to grow my journey here in Wisconsin.

We both joke we are the perfect match. She’s the inside of the body, and I’m the outside of the body. And together we help people start that journey to becoming “whole” again.

And that is EXACTLY what we are on a quest to do. Karen and I and several other amazing doctors and practitioners have all come together to promote wellness through I2H2E– International  Institute of Holistic Health and Education.

A place where people like you can go to get the BEST of the BEST in education, training and information.


What does this mean?

This means that YOU have yet another resource in your back pocket!

You get access to training on:

  • Nutrition
  • Detox
  • Energy
  • Cooking in the Kitchen
  • Healthy Children
  • Gut Health
  • Essential Oils
  • Going Gluten Free
  • Holistic Athletic Training
  • Core
  • Chakras
  • and YES!!! A Yoga Teacher Training just for you…. all ONLINE!


And you can take advantage of the BEST of the BEST trainings and courses directly though me and I2H2E!

And there is STILL time to join Hope, Karen and Dr. Essen at the FIRST I2H2E conference in Utah, November 2,3 2018>>>>>>DETAILS

Or get our next one on the books for October 19th – 20th in St. George Utah!

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