How To Know When You Hear His Voice

How To Know When You Hear His Voice

How to know when you hear His voice.

In today’s world there is so much noise. The radio is on, the constant television, and the dreaded electronic devices make it almost next to impossible to let our minds be quiet so we can hear His voice, hear from our Creator (or the Universe).

It seems that in today’s world people almost fear quiet, that what if they in-fact hear something from within? That is in His voice and not something else, someone else.

But that is part of the problem. We in today’s world aren’t hearing, or at least many of us aren’t. And as a result we feel lost, empty, confused, angry, fearful and like there is no hope. But I assure you that voice from within is IN there, His voice in inside you. You just need to get quiet enough to hear His voice.

How can you get quiet?

For starters, consider having some designated downtime without any devices, television or external chatter. Go for a walk and leave your cell phone at home (yes you heard me). Fifteen minutes before bed designated that to quiet time lying in bed breathing or meditating or journaling, something to help you go within. Even schedule it in your calendar if you have to, your nervous system really does depend on it!

But once you get quiet one of my biggest challenges was how do I know what voice I’m hearing? Is it His voice? How do I know it’s His voice, my Inner Guide, God, the Holy Spirit, Universal Consciousness (call it what you want, lets not get caught up in the name)?

A few weeks ago I had my weekly “me time” where I get to get nourished and filled with insights and have soul time at Sunday service listening to my dear friend and pastor John Bass. And during the service he read to us the difference between the “enemy’s” voice and “God/Inner Spirit’s” voice. And boy did it hit home.

I found myself saying “yes” and could even feel my heart both ache and feel the grace of God as I listened to him read this comparison.

So how do you know when it’s His Voice?

The enemy’s voice OBSESSES YOU. God’s voice CALMS YOU. 

The enemy’s voice WORRIES YOU. God’s voice COMFORTS YOU. 

The enemy’s voice CONDEMNS YOU. God’s voice CONVICTS YOU.

The enemy’s voice CONFUSES YOU. God’s voice ENLIGHTEN’S YOU.

The enemy’s voice DISCOURAGES YOU. God’s voice ENCOURAGES YOU.

The enemy’s voice PUSHES YOU. God’s voice  LEADS YOU.

The enemy’s voice FRIGHTENS’S YOU. God’s voice REASSURES YOU. 

The enemy’s voice RUSHES YOU. God’s voice STILLS YOU.

This guide moved me in such a way that I felt such conviction, closure and assurance as to so many of the questions I was not sure of the answers. The above is by my bedside, in my journal, and on my phone.

When we never get quiet, and even if we do, not knowing is sometimes what can push us to start to seek more external input and we all know that such information can muddy the waters.

So today, turn inward, listen up, and get quiet. Your next steps are waiting for you to walk them, be assured  they are for you. Be assured that it is His voice, trust that. And even if you find they aren’t, beginning to walk again is sometimes the hardest step. And it is trusting His voice is guiding you. And the more you trust His voice, the more clearly you hear it.

Namaste. And do not be afraid to get quiet enough to hear His voice and listen.

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