Strategies for Making the Right Decision in Life

Strategies for Making the Right Decision in Life

Every decision you make in life is essential. Sometimes they are easy decisions, like what to eat for dinner tonight. Other times they are more complex decisions, such as whether or not you should take the leap of faith and quit your job to start your own company. This blog post will discuss strategies for making the right decision to be happy with the outcome no matter which choice you make.

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Ensure You Consult With the Experts

If you want to ensure that your decision-making process is perfect, make sure you ask for help. There are plenty of people who will be willing to offer their insight and expertise when making the right choice in life.

For example, consulting with a personal injury firm is crucial when you get into an accident at work or on the street. This will save you a lot of headaches and help you navigate the justice system to get the compensation you deserve. Ultimately, becoming a sound decision.

Be Confident

Decisions can be hard to make, even in the smallest of matters. In life, though, some much bigger decisions need to take place, which may have a significant impact on your future and career path.

You can’t always be right, but it is crucial to give yourself the best chance of being correct. Don’t second guess yourself or get caught off guard by life’s twists and turns. Instead, be confident in your decision-making abilities, so you are ready for anything that comes along. 

Never doubt how much power you have within you; only rely on yourself when making choices in life. If you are confident, other people will notice and respect your decisions.

Carefully Research and Analyze

To make the right decision in life, one must carefully analyze and research the problem at hand. When planning for a new venture, make sure to do thorough due diligence by performing all necessary steps to come up with a sound business plan that will hopefully lead you down the right path. 

If making a potentially life-altering decision such as deciding which college or university would be best to attend, it is crucial to look at the numbers and rankings of that institution and what you would be getting yourself into. Do your research on campus life and student activities to determine if this will match your expectations.

Always Have an Emergency Plan

In this day and age, you never know what is going to happen. It could be a natural disaster or an unexpected illness that requires medical attention. Therefore, you should always have an emergency plan in place just in case something happens unexpectedly. 

In a sudden accident where your family needs money immediately for hospitalization, make sure you prepare beforehand. Then, if something happens, you can quickly pull out the money to take care of your family needs without dealing with loans from the bank. Having an emergency plan is a great strategy to help you make the right decision.


It is vital to make good decisions in life because they can affect your happiness. You do not always have to be rational about every choice that you make – if something feels right for you, it is probably the best option. To help you choose the right path, there are many strategies that you can use; this article has discussed some of them.


Making the Next Right Decision Happens Now

Making the Next Right Decision Happens Now

Everything you do in life is based on you making decisions. No matter how large or small, it’s all based on decisions.

I have been feeling lately that my life is missing several things. That I (in more than one way) am out of balance. I know it! My body knows it! My soul knows it!

I consciously walk through the day knowing that what I am all doing is not where I am suppose to be. Now, in the immediate, yes, quite possibly I should be right here, right now. However, when you feel it in your bones a shake down is in order… It’s a frustrating feeling.

Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever found yourself visualizing your life different? Not day dreaming, real dreaming.

Like “Hope, get your a$$ moving and make those shifts you need to make-please”. And then you see yourself doing them?

I discovered in a mindset coaching call yesterday, that by the way I so desperately wanted to do for about 2 years with this person but continued to not make the decision to book it; that “I Hope Zvara have not been making decisions since I was very, very small. Like eight years old”.

This blew my mind. I mean, I know I struggle making decisions at times, but seriously… EIGHT.

You may be saying to yourself, “what the heck is this all about?

Well, I’ve come to realize over the last decade of my life every decision, every bodily issue is an accumulation over time. That we did not just wake up and have this ailment, or illness, or negative outlook, or positive one. My session with my mindset coach Belinda was nothing fancy, but what we uncovered was a longtime lingering inability to make decisions. And for me, it’s not that I can’t make any decision, it’s I often linger in regret, doubt, worry and fear I made the wrong one.

Watching for years someone in my life turn down opportunity after opportunity as they literally fell into their lap. Unconsciously became something I adapted to my own life. Turning them down out of fear? Worry? Maybe liking the struggle a bit too much? I don’t know. But what I do know is both you and I, as adults have full control over our own situation to change it. To make a decision today. And if it turns out not so great, then make another one and move on.

My mindset coach encouraged me to just make decisions. Just make a decision and move on. To say the decision out loud and then actually do it. To make the next right decision, don’t over think it, and go on to the next one. End of story.

And the feeling I get is like I am the caterpillar that has spent the last several days (weeks, months, years) spinning its cocoon, and now am in it, but not sure when to come out?

Maybe you feel like that today too? Maybe you aren’t quite yet in the cocoon, but are just figuring out how to spin the silk?

Either way, my journey can only be a journey when I make decisions, no matter how large or small. And if I desire to soar to victory, I must be willing to make the decisions that go along with it. The decisions that may not go well, as well as the ones that will.

I love the metaphor of Warrior II: With your arms stretched out at “T”, your back arm represents the past, at your fingertips but that is it. The front arm, with you intently gazing out over the fingertips keeps the future in front of you. And as for you, you are in the present moment, which is the gift. Stacked, strong, planted, unwavering, that if tempted to go backwards, or lean and reach forward, the present will draw you back.

Warrior II Hope Zvara Making The Next Right Decision Blog Post

Every single yoga pose during a yoga session is a decision. To move or not move. Breathe or not breathe. Hang in there one more breath or give up. To literally roll up your mat and say under your breath, “this is crazy nuts”, or decide to expand yourself and do it anyway.

Both you and I must walk strongly through life as a Warrior. No need to fight, or swing your stick, but be still, in the present moment, and make the next decision that comes your way no matter what phase of the cocoon we are in.

Today, make the next right decision and then move on.

Spin your cocoon.

Spread your wings.

Or just take that next breath.

But you are in charge of your next decision, it may be small, but it’s yours to decide. Just stay present as you look out at it and you will surely remember the gift in today’s decision.

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