How to Make a Statement with Your Glasses

How to Make a Statement with Your Glasses

So, you’ve had your eyes checked over and it turns out that you need glasses. Maybe you’ve had to wear them from childhood, or maybe this is a new thing for you. Either way, the temptation to skip over to contact lenses entirely is a tempting one. But before you give up on glasses entirely, try to look at them in a different light.

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Sometimes a different perspective is best. Rather than seeing glasses as something ugly that you’re forced to wear, see them as an opportunity. Life isn’t a fashion show, but what you wear does give you a chance to express yourself. A pair of glasses can be more than a vision correction device, it can also be an accessory.

So, to get the most out of your glasses, pick the frames with care. Glasses cost money, and they’re going to be front and center on your face. But don’t worry, you can get stylish frames here, and see the massive range of choices on offer, meaning that there will be something that suits your face and your style. Shop for them the same way that you’d shop for a quality pair of shoes or anything else you want to get a lot of use out of. 

One piece of advice to help you pick the right pair of glasses is to pay attention to your face shape and what you want out of your glasses. Different frames have different impacts. For example, rounded frames can soften your face, and dark, chunky frames draw attention to your eyes. So, spend a little time to decide what you’re after.

Another way to transform glasses from an irritating necessity to a statement is a simple, yet effective one. Get more than one pair. Think about it, you don’t just have one pair of shoes that you wear everywhere, but you have different ones which go with different outfits or work better with different events. 

Now, you don’t need to have quite as many pairs of glasses as shoes, but a bit of variety is nice. Some people go with a pair of ordinary glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses, but many are choosing to add another pair of ordinary glasses to the mix. This second pair works great as a spare set in case something tragic happens to your normal glasses, but you can also wear them depending on your mood for the day.

Also, while you shouldn’t discount glasses entirely, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t also keep some contact lenses on hand. Now, some people struggle to wear contacts, but if you can, you have yet another option. Glasses are obviously far easier to put on and take off, but some people prefer to wear contacts when working out, or during formal events. 

Glasses used to have a bad reputation, yes. But while it wasn’t necessarily the case fifteen or so years ago, glasses are cool now. They’re so cool that some places have started selling non-prescription glasses, so everyone else can get in on the look. So, why not embrace them?

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