1. Begin in a table top position, wrists under shoulder and knees under hips. 
  2. Place a small ball or a foam block between the knees and engage the thighs.
  3. Spread your fingers wide and align the soft folds of your elbows to face your middle finger on both hands.
  4. Press through the bridge of each knuckle to take some weight off the wrists.
  5. Broaden your back and pay attention not to hunch in the mid-spine.
  6. Inhale and feel the back body inflate, work mindfully not to breathe into the belly, but rather the side and back body, not to break the core contraction.
  7. Exhale, before you move your legs take a moment and feel the pelvic floor pull inward, this includes the anal canal as well as the vaginal passage way for women and the clitoris, for men it’s a similar area however they will feel a doming occur when activating the pelvic floor more than women will.
  8.  Engage on the ball continually.
  9. Inhale turn on the toes and swing the legs up to the right, keeping your upper body stable and head in neutral.
  10. Exhale return to a table top hovering the knees one inch off the floor (or rest if needed).
  11. Repeat the opposite side.
  12. Continue to move in this fashion for 5-6 rounds on each side.
  13. If able repeat the weaker side for one more round honoring the 2:1 ratio.

We would normally exhale and turn the knees to one side, however I want you to focus on control on the down swing to prepare for the opposite side. By limiting belly breathing the movement could really be done either way. We someone is effectively “co-contracting” the core it will not matter when you inhale and exhale, the core remains strong and intact.

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