Table Top Yoga Pose Gone WildCore Balance Move of the Day:  Table Top Yoga Pose Gone Wild

Core strength and stability at its finest. Just because Table Top is a basic pose doesn’t mean that this version is.

Most people when you extend your limbs in this version end up sitting in the shoulder socket and lower back due to a lack of good understanding, awareness and or strength and stability in the shoulder girdle and deep core muscles.


  • Start in table and align the arms and legs under the shoulders and hips, turn the folds of the elbows forward without hyperextending (looking they are bending the wrong way).
  • Tip up through your lower belly and contract on the pelvic floor (bathroom muscles).
  • Creep your right leg back behind you keeping your hips level and then exhale slowly extend your left arm to the left keeping it extending out from the shoulder (check that alignment as many pull too far back due to lack of proper shoulder girlde stability and upper back strength).
  • Inhale rotate the back leg and foot to turn the toes forward and exhale draw the leg forward on your rigth side. Now using your obliques and outer glute muscles work to keep the leg lifted near hip height without sinking into the base shoulder.
  • Hold this heat producing pose for 5 to 10 breaths and if you are really feeling sassy lower the arm and with the leg still lifted pulse it 10 small controled times at hip height. Then exhale and slowly lower down resting back onto your heels, forehead to the floor.
  • Repeat on the opposite side and really go for it as you go back to your weaker side an additional time!

Variation: Keep the leg behind the hip, only allow the leg a few inches above the floor at your side hip, don’t lift the arm.

Great Work!

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