Place a block the long way between the palms fingers extended. Align the elbows the width of the shoulders/block spacing. Press evenly into the mat with your entire forearm, from elbow to pinky finger. If you have an extra block or a mini ball place that in between the the thighs and engage the thighs around the prop for more core activation and leg support. From your knees Inhale and draw the hips back and upward towards the ceiling, pressing out of the shoulders and allowing your hands to press into the block for more opening in the shoulders. Engage the entire belly feeling a drawing inward as you exhale.

Take five breaths pressing the forearms into the floor and drawing the shoulders up away from the head. Some calls this Puppy Dog or Forearm Down  Dog or Dolphin, no matter what the name work to keep the length of the spine. If needed bend the knees slightly to help reduce a rounded spine.

After your last exhale, inhale and swim the body forward into forearm plank. Align the shoulders over the elbows and most importantly press evenly into the forearms to help take the pressure out of the lower back. Keep the pelvis in neutral (front ASIS, hip bones tipping slightly upward into the core). Engage the legs around the mini ball or block and do not sag the head. Hold here for five breaths.

Keep the pelvic core strong at all times, not sucking in but co-contracting the entire core 360 degrees round.

After your five breaths, sit back onto your heels in Devotional pose (aka Child’s pose) for five breaths.

Lets Swim!

INHALE Move back into Puppy Dog –> EXHALE feel the contraction of the inner core and length in the spine–>INHALE swim forward into Forearm Plank –> EXHALE hold and contract on the ball between the legs and resist the core against gravity –>INHALE back into Puppy Dog. Repeat 5 – 10 times, using Devotional as needed.

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