Every day I do a Facebook post of the day and today the post turned into a much longer inspiration, enjoy my friends!

When we are faced with challenges we HAVE to remember that we are being fine tuned to a better version of ourselves, it’s life trying to show us what needs to be addressed so that we can live a better life.

We all have stress, we all have loads of things on our plate, and we all make decisions each and every day, the question becomes are you going to finally stop making the same choices and start making different ones so the results you are getting will finally change.

Getting angry solves nothing, I repeat nothing (well maybe comforts the ego).

But stepping aside yourself and truly deciding to actually do some work, get out the duster an start addressing old issues, and resolving lingering concerns, you find that the freedoms: financially, socially, materially, and personally, and even spiritually may start to be resolved, or solutions begin to arise.

I look out around me and see many (myself included) banging at the same doors over and over again hoping for different results, and after a while you notice the patterns of them not getting what they want and the unwillingness to listen for guidance and help weather from you, a wise elder or even God.

We often think that we are working hard, doing all we can, but maybe we are working too hard in areas that are not necessary for us to work in, our efforts are actually being wasted. And what I have noticed is we often throw ourselves into projects as distractions from the situations that need real attention. We will ridicule others and their choices as we continually make poor ones as well.

I like to think to myself that if I knew so much better, and that my plan and process were so much better, that then I would not be in the predicament, or have the worry, fear, or anger I have right now then. Right?  

So today I am inspired to pose to you the question “can you stop for a moment today and see what the real concern is”? “Can you take a moment and look out and look in and see that the only person that can make things better is you”.

We can blame our boss, our spouse, our X-boyfriend, or X-wife, our lawyer, our banker, our babysitter, sister, mother, father, senator, governor, church, or even God for that matter. But how will putting all your energy into them help you? How will “they” really solve your problems without your support, with out you actually doing something? On a larger scale I believe this is part of America’s problem today, and that those changes really do need to start with us.

Our attitude, our outlook, our beliefs, our efforts, our self-responsibility all come back to one very important thing. US….or….YOU!

Namaste my friends and be well and most important be yourself!

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