It has become very apparent to me that social media is now the way of modern communication, and for me it’s a love hate relationship. I love that I can share thoughts and ideas, pictures, videos with my friends, family and followers; I love that I can stay in touch with people it would be otherwise be hard to.

However, it has become very apparent to me the negative effects of social media in the event  that people now share way to much information about their lives and have a tendency to share information based on insecurities they may have in the hopes of sparking responses to feed their self esteem. A world were likes and shares have become a status symbol as to how much you are liked and a place where now everyone knows your business, first and foremost because we allow them to.

A warped reality where pictures one posts are based off the most beautiful image they hope to put off, can warp the perception to someone else, their self-esteem and self-worth, that then, they are less than, thinking that the person posting is always like this, when in reality it is not that clear cut. But, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with posting the very best information about oneself, but intention is important. Ever ask yourself, why am I posting what I am about to post; what is my intention with the outcome of this post, comment or picture?

In today’s world it has become very clear to me we live in warped perception of what communication and interaction really should be, and I can speak from my own experiences that virtual communication has become a crutch to not have to interact and deal with things head on in moments that would or could otherwise shape you into a better person. A world where a hand written letter was sent in the mail and a phone call to say hi or ask a question, or voice your opinion has been replaced with broken language via texts, nasty e-mails blowing the truth out of proportion because then you don’t have to deal with the actual consequences, has left us impotent to overcoming our insecurities and weaknesses. Yes, there is an upside, to this social media, like immediate interaction, no wait time, instant gratification, a quick thank you with no time spent, and many other positive benefits if used for good along the way.

So now how do we navigate this crazy mixed up social media stricken world?

Well, I’m asking you to join me in 40 days of positive posting. That for the next 40 days (a great Lent practice this year) to only post positive, non-harming, upbeat posts. Posting nothing that is asking readers to feel sorry for you, no complaints, boobs, butts and half clothed images please, nothing that is mindless and useless to readers that could and does in a sense steal their time (because social media steals enough of  my  our time as it is). For the next 40 days post to inspire not to brag or, put down, not to show off.

So if you choose to only post positive, I ask that you consider being humble, so much of our lives can now be shared online and that is great, but again ask yourself what is actually necessary to share? Is what you are sharing helping or hurting, what is the final outcome you are wanting from your post and once you can answer that then ask yourself again if you need to post it.

Please know I myself use social media for both personal and business and I am questioning why all the time, and so I want to encourage you to share with me in 40 days of positive posting in the hopes that we all can break the cycle of the need for this social media self-worth.

If you wish to join in the crusade please search for our event in 40 Days of Positive Posting, and let the positivity begin!

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