Signs It's Time to Visit Your Dentist Photo by Robert Golebiewski

If you’ve been wondering, if it’s time for you to visit the dentist, there are a few telltale signs that you need to. 

These signs are so unmistakable, that it will be hard for you not to go running to the dentist once you experience them. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not it’s time for you to rush off to the dentist. 

Here are some major signals that it is just what you need to do.

Pain and Swelling

Pain and swelling are hard to deal with. If you have been holding your jaw and writhing in pain, then there’s no need for you to continue to feel as if you want to remove your head from your body. This type of pain can cause severe headaches.

Don’t continue holding on to your jaw or the side of your head and wallowing in pain. Get to a dentist as soon as possible to get the problem cleared up.

Bleeding Gums

If your gums start bleeding, that is a big signal that you need to go and visit your dentist. Chances are high that you are suffering from what is known as gingivitis or more commonly gum disease. 

This condition will not go away on its own and if you’re not careful it can cause your teeth to chip in several places. 

Once you notice that your gums are very puffy and bleeding, you need to take action and see a Blue Apple Dentist right away.

Rising Sensitivity Levels

When you experience rising sensitivity levels, especially to hot and cold, it is a sign that you need to go visit your dentist very shortly. 

If you find yourself clutching your jaw like a lifeline, every time you drink something that’s really cold or very hot, it simply means that you are experiencing high levels of sensitivity. This is not normal. It is something that you need to fix as quickly as you can.

You Have Bad Breath

Having bad breath every once in a while is normal. It can make your jaw turn red when you realize that you may have embarrassed yourself without even knowing it. 

After you get over it, it’s time to seek medical help. Your dentist can get that cleared up for you in no time so book an appointment and find yourself in the dentist chair as soon as possible.

You Can’t Remember Your Last Dental Visit

If you can’t remember your last dental visit then you are in trouble. You should be at the dentist at least twice per year to check for cavities and see how your teeth are doing. This will prevent issues before they start.

You might find out good news or you may get some bad news. Even if you do get bad news you’ll be in a position to fix the problem and get a white, straight, and beautiful smile once again. 

So, take care of those pearly whites so you can be proud to show them off at any time.

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