Side Body Series with Hope Zvara

1.       From a kneeling position extend your right leg out to the side and turn your toes forward, anchoring into the outer side of the foot, keep the ankle in neutral and the thigh engaged.

2.       With arms at “T” Inhale reach to the right and Exhale slide down the extended leg. Keeping the pelvic-core strong and engaged feel the side body open and extend.

3.       Look upwards or down and find a position for the neck in rotation. Continue to breathe and work to reach from the bent knee to the extended arm.

4.       Be playful yet mindful of moving the torso open or slightly closed and find where the pose best serves you.

5.       Other arm variations: Tuck top arm behind the torso and work to rotate open, rotate the arm inward towards the ear and extend the arm alongside the head and ear. As you rotate the torso open rotate your arm towards the ear.


6.  On your next exhale rotate the torso down towards the extended leg. Inhale work to lengthen and exhale work to release deeper. Keep your core strong and allow your hips to press back and you reach towards the leg.

7.       Either hold on to the foot with the hand or extend your left arm or both arms beyond the foot to continue the length in the spine and back muscles. If needed prop up on blocks if your hands will not meet the floor.  Remain her for ten breaths.


   8.  Inhale open back up and extend your left arm towards the sky.

9.       Pause for two breaths.

10.   On your next Inhale draw your body upright with the arms at a “T” position.

11.   Exhale and top to the left, placing your left hand under your left shoulder, fingers point away and the fold of the elbow rotates in line with the middle finger.

12.   Keep foot (on floor), bottom knee and hand in line with each other and rotate the extended leg to be parallel with the floor, inner foot parallel with the floor (no external rotation).

13.   Inhale and lift the right leg up towards hip height. Keep the chest open and the body stacked. Check the lifted leg to make sure you are in line with the hip and the inner thigh is facing the floor.

14.   Exhale and lower the leg towards the floor working on contracting the pelvic floor, Inhale and lift the leg back to hip height slowly and controlled, being aware not to let the body shift and move.

15.   If you are feeling hip or glute pain, check the rotation of the leg/hip, hip flexor pain work to internally rotate the leg more, glute pain work to open the hip up more.

16.   Continue with the lift and lower for 10 times.

17.   After the 10th time keep lifted and with a strong torso and obliques pulse the top leg for a small 3” lift ten additional times.

18.   Exhale lower the leg to the floor.

19.   Inhale, take a moment and Exhale using your core, float back to an upright position.

20.   Inhale, and balancing, bring the extended leg back to kneeling.

21.   Repeat the opposite side.

22.   Repeat the weaker or tighter side implementing 2:1 ratio.


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