How to EASILY release your shoulders using a foam roller and a few good stretches!

Shoulders are kind of an important part of your body, and when your shoulders are wonky (yes I said wonky) that can often leave your arms, elbows, neck, and hands unhappy and not very useful. Today’s modern American posture is, well-horrible. I’m not going to lie, mine is not always great either, but when we have the right tools and right awareness then we can start to take the pieces of the puzzle apart and put them back together in a healthy and happy way.


Signs your shoulders need help:

  1. You sit at a computer. I don’t even think I need to say for how long because if you sit at one then it’s probably for longer than a minute here and there-am I right?
  2. You use a cell phone or tablet for things other than calling and talking. Both #1 and #2  draw the head and shoulders forward-yikes.
  3. You sit. Need I say more.
  4. You do a lot of heavy carrying and lifting.
  5. Sports that ask you to throw and over use the shoulders.
  6. Side sleeper.
  7. Use a computer mouse (that darn computer again).
  8. Excessive driving.
  9. Injuries to the shoulders that did not receive the proper continuous attention.
  10. You have pain between your shoulder blades.
  11. You clench or grind your teeth.
  12. You have tennis elbow or get numbness in your hands.
  13. You feel you hit a brick wall when you lift your arm up over head, heck your arms won’t even lift up over head.
  14. Your scapulae doesn’t lay flat on your back.

These are just a few, I could go on, but I am guessing you said yes to at least a few.

Today I’m not going to go into fancy why’s but rather just show you some EASY, yes EASY techniques that you can do at any time during the day. Because lets get honest, an hour class is great one, two, even four times a week, BUT if that is ALL you do that few hours is better than nothing but if you want that nothing to be SOMETHING then incorporating a little here and a little there throughout your day will get you a lot farther and help you gain more ground FASTER, and who wouldn’t want that.

This video below is a starting place, a few good stretches and a great upper body rolling routine to help assist you in your upper body release. You can do all these techniques together, or piece them apart, no matter how you choose to incorporate them into your life, they won’t help unless you do them!

What you’ll need for today’s work: A wall, a foam roller and a kitchen sink 🙂

Have a happy day!

Watch & practice with the video and help your poor shoulders!

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