The ultimate back body releasing tool!

The acuBack™ from Dr. Cohen relieves muscle and joint pain, enhances athletic performance and improves posture. Take this self-care foam roller anywhere for a 3-minute massage to release tension in your lower back, mid-back, shoulder blade, legs or head.

Read the description below for videos on how to use the acuBack™ foam roller.


Many spinal problems come from tight muscles which cause vertebra to lock together, ‘jamming up’ instead of flowing freely. The Spine Align Belt, a precision moulded groove running around the middle of the acuBack, allows you to lie directly on your spine – opening and loosening your own neck, low back and mid back.

Before you would have had to rely on your chiropractor or physical therapist to do this. How amazing is it that you can now do this to yourself!

The acuBack can be used as a self-healing tool for tight muscles and joints in many parts of your body including the neck, low back and legs. The acuBack’s unique design features safely apply acupressure and heat to painful, congested areas of the body. This increases nutrient and blood flow, flushing out built up muscle wastes. It also enhances joint motion, releases natural painkillers and sedatives, and stimulates nervous system relaxation responses. (www.acuball.com)

Here’s one video on how to use the acuBack for head tension and tightness…. CLICK HERE

Got back tension?? Here is another video on how the acuBack and instantly relieve that pain! CLICK HERE


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