I’ve been pushed to the limit with yoga and fitness programs that bombard us-YOU with the image and idea that unless you look like this (insert half naked model here) then your practice isn’t working. That weight-loss, ripped abs, super skinny thighs, and a movement practice that should be leaving you “feeling it” is the only way to rate the successfulness of your efforts.

I was trapped for years in a messed-up mindset that my body was the marker for my success. That unless I looked perfect (insert super skinny, unnaturally ripped model here)- I wouldn’t be good enough. This mindset crippled me for years, holding me back from loving the skin I was in, picking apart every inch of my body and thus over training, over exercising, and creating a war with myself, my mind and my body.

But after many years of studying and applying what I call “real-life yoga philosophy”  I realized that my mindset was faulty and I began to breakdown the barriers our culture had for years fed. From there, I began to look at the body and how it really functions, alongside it’s limitations and adaptations (due to modern sedentary lifestyle), I saw a propelling increase in changes in myself and then to my students, in how they feel, look and most importantly move.

That’s why my Yoga and Functional Fitness Online Studio is the only virtual studio you will ever need to subscribe to. The classes range in length from five to 75 minutes allowing you-the student, to select the perfect amount of time to fit your schedule without sacrificing quality, functional anatomy based instruction.

The classes are rich in understandable, instantly applicable cues and insights to help you propel yourself into a happy, healthy functional movement based lifestyle.

Are you looking for at home classes that make sense?

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The classes found in this online studio are not fast and furious, bur rather challenge the status quo of such an approach. Instead, these classes focus on form and function, stemming from the neutral blue print of all poses and movements–and when you learn this—all movement from here on out, make sense. But what makes Hope’s approach even more unique is her ability to inspire those on the mat with insights into life based on her own struggles and guided learning lessons from yoga’s philosophy.

For years, I kept quiet, trying to stay content just teaching my local students in my hometown studio. But as I ventured out and taught elsewhere, traveled and took classes, workshops and training’s, not just in the yoga community, but outside of it as well–I became even more frustrated at the lack of true understanding of the how’s and why’s of the body.

Many, at best, have simply memorized sequences, routines, and signature responses like “that’s normal” or “listen to your body”, or “if it hurts don’t do it”. But what if someone doesn’t know what the hell normal means, or is so disconnected from their body that even hearing aids won’t help, or has never been told that not all pain is bad, and most confuse new sensations in the body as pain as a protection mechanism” —then what?

Bringing a deeper understanding to the body, not just memorizing muscles or signature flows, but how the body moves, what does what and why our bodies have the issues we do has surged a huge quest in me to take this understanding to the next level.

If you are sick and tired, of being sick and tired, if you are killing yourself to get the results the program description says you’ll achieve, but never seem to even taste. If you are more focused on wanting to be healthy, pain-free, and movement rich well into your 90’s—then I suggest you reevaluate your movement choices (or lack thereof) and consider making a change today!

Are you looking for at home classes that make sense?

Does your exercise program need a jump start? Click Here to gain access today!>

My online yoga and functional fitness was born out of need. Countless students and teachers asking to work and learn from me, but between travel, expenses, and coordinating schedules connecting in person has become a limitation.

My online yoga and functional fitness studio is a hub for people like you who are ready to ditch the mainstream, yoga celebrity, boot camp mentality and eager to feed their bodies, minds and yes, even souls real food that can make changes that in the end truly matter. And lets be clear–I am always learning and always evolving my practice and teaching, I do not claim to hold the golden ticket, but I am confident I can offer you real tools and techniques for you to discover your own golden ticket you have always had.

My own practice has assisted me in the deepest of ways, and one of those ways pushing me to share my voice, my insights, my teachings. I can’t and won’t promise you flat abs, or a tight booty, or that you’ll lose 10 pounds from practicing with me. But what I can promise you is a new way of looking at movement, more insight into who you are as a person, better understanding of your body in movement, a deeper evaluation of why things are the way they are, and real tools, tips and techniques that you can and will instantly apply to your body and life. This is where real change begins, and the happiness we all crave can start to transform.

What do you get in my virtual studio? For starters 30 videos to start you out, then each month an additional 6-7 videos will be added varying in length, focus and function. You get me, candid, teaching exactly as I teach in a live setting, and some videos are recording of a live class available for you to enjoy as many times as you like.

This offering is a true reflection of my fifteen years in the yoga and fitness community—challenging mainstream fitness and yoga and offering what I believe is a better way—a more functional way.

And to thank you I am offering a $10 off coupon code (which expires December 31st 2016) for you to enjoy my online studio for LIFE at $29.99 a month for as long as you continue to subscribe. Thereafter the investment will jump back up to $39.99 a month.

For less than the cost of two yoga classes, you can enjoy a classroom like practice in the comfort of your own home, whenever you like, as many times as you like.

Today, fifteen years later, from my first time on the mat, I am filled with gratitude that I am able to kick fear to the curb and offer students who truly want to improve their lifestyle, how they move, act and interact with the world and help them make a shift in a way that my own practice has changed me. I believe that it is essential that we all authentically share our gifts and talents with the world, as that is part of why we are here–so I am sharing some of mine with you…




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