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Are you struggling to get your message out to your audiance?

Do you feel like you aren’t really clear on who you are, the problem you solve or the audiance you serve? (Ahem…it shows)

Do you feel like no matter what coach you hire, what program you enroll in, nothing changes in your business?

Do you feel like dispite all the progress you have made you are missing something?

Do you put yourself out there and no matter what you change, the same people keep knocking at your door (not wanting to pay)?



 I can help!

Hi, I’m Hope Zvara.

And for over 15 years I spent my time building a business, a brand and a following in the yoga and fitness world, and althrough I loved what I had created, I knew there was more out ther for me. After two years of praying, waiting and moving foward with stepping stone opportunities I created a company inspired to help truck drivers who are living sedentary lifestyles and have back pain, mid-driver brain fog and struggle sleeping at night with small simple changes, moves they can do right from the cab of the truck in just minutes a day. 
And if you are wondering, no I’m not here to teach you the yoga and trucking business. What I learned along the way was that clarity in your purpose, your audiance, your unique mechanism and how you want to help people matters. Communication, delivery of your brand and message matter. And most business owners skip the most foundational steps to create a solid business, and bring in a steady stream of customers. 
Over the last 5 years I have trained and coached thousands of business owners on creating clarity in their business, their brand, their message and how they put themselves out to the world. 
And I want to help you. 

Work With Me!

Working with someone focused on the solution instead of the problem is how you reap the rewards of your time and investments. Do you want to stop playing it safe and show the world what you have to offer? Those changes start with you, and I want to help get you there

You have a knack for being so down to earth and also telling me what I needed to hear at that moment.

Lisa Tan



Hope shares wisdom gained through her life experiences and losses with a genuineness and vulnerability, which instantly connects with her audience. She always shares to assist the growth of others and challenge people to see their situation in new ways.

Kayla Waldschmidt

Horizon Grief Resource Center

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the training yesterday… Wow, such rich value! Love the content that you delivered, the way you presented it, and the way that you allowed everybody to just take time to physically work on it in the time we were given. It was just really well delivered, so thank you so much.

Charlene Helm

The Challenge Queens Agency

You are 100% Amazing. I so enjoyed your coaching.

Tricia Robinson

Consultant & Yoga Teacher

So much words of wisdom. 

Carol K.


Let’s Work Together!

We all need a little guidance along the way. What if one change could make all the difference? Accepting where you are, as you get to where you want to be, will help you reach your goals faster and with tons of joy along the way.

Whether you are looking for a speaker for your next event to knock it out of the park, you want to practice a little yoga with Hope or you are ready to take your business to the next level. Hope’s got you covered!

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