Figure Four (Hip Rotator Massage): To Begin:

  •   Begin by sitting onto the foam roller (or acuball), supporting your hands behind you.
  • Cross the left ankle over the right knee and lean onto the left buttocks.
  •   Start by moving slowly and if the body will allow work your way up to larger movements, trigger point as needed.
  • Continue to breathe slow and deeply.
  • Work on each side for 1 to 3 minutes.


§  For more of a challenge work on this and place the right hand to the left knee (the crossed leg) and apply gentle pressure to increase the stretch and release.

§  Try this with the AcuBall™ both on the floor and by leaning against the wall  in the Figure Four Stretch position (see picture below)


            By releasing the deep rotators of the hips we allow more movement and flexibility and rage of motion.  This release will improve things like, running, long-term sitting, practices like yoga and offer relief to aching hips.  This can also be a great prep and option to Figure Four and Pigeon Pose.

  figure 4 release with acuball

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