No Excuses Fitness Travel Tips

Traveling and fitness don’t always go together even when intentions are good, but when your feet should be hitting the pavement many times you can find yourself anywhere but there. When I travel I have found it vital to come prepared and come with a plan (and if that one fails a back up). Here is my back pocket fitness travel guide, never leave home without it.

  1. Always travel with your athletic shoes. Traveling with athletic shoes ready and on hand will hopefully keep you available for a quick 20 minute brisk walk or trot. No excuses you can surely fit it in before everyone else wakes up, before or after that meeting or a late night stroll. No light, I don’t’ know anyone who doesn’t travel without their cell phone now-a-days so you can cross out that excuse from your book too. I’ve traveled and been in need of movement in a hotel in the dead of winter and along with my kids we walked every floor searching for the next elevator to press those amazing buttons or having a climbing stairs contest.
  2. Tell your travel partner(s) your plan. Letting the people you are traveling or staying with that you plan on going for a walk or run or are planning on using the back room for a quick YouTube (again most of us have internet on our phones and a few bars and data spent on a turbo session of movement is worth it-right?) yoga session will help keep you more accountable to actually doing it and however you plan on spending the rest of your trip you’ll surely feel better about your choice to let your peeps know your plan.
  3. Invest in small travel props. I will never leave home without my yoga strap, acuball, mini 8” inflatable ball and a resistance band. These tools take up zero to no space are light and easily portable, plus they equip me with a full workout from stretching to mayofascial release to amazing core work and toning. I always pack these tools right on top of my clothing so when I unpack I see them and am ready to go. Long travel or air travel-these go right in my carry on, don’t ever be embarrassed about taking care of your physical and mental well-being in public, airports are great places to get your miles in, stretch, and at minimum roll out your feet.
  4. Do your research. When I travel with my husband I always inform him part of my vacation is to hit up a yoga studio (and always get several walks in). Looking into where we are staying and what is close by or within driving distance I usually jot down a few classes I think might work for what the plan is for our trip so when one doesn’t work out I have a back up. And again informing him I want to go usually leaves him reminding me that it’s OK and encourages me to go and have fun.
  5. Sprinkle it into your day. I was just camping and lying right next to our camper door was my acuball and half dome foam roller, I’d find myself standing at the table and look down and see my necessary props and start to use them in mid conversation or at a low point of the day. What usually happens is others ask and I find myself instructing others and sharing the love.

No matter how long or short your trip where you are going or who you are going with you are the one who determines how you use your time. Next trip remind yourself of this fitness travel tips list and have a great adventure your body will surely appreciate.

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