Gotta love me some yoga!

I feel like I blinked and somehow it’s been almost fifteen years since I started teaching yoga and over fifteen years since yoga came into my life!

For me yoga is a life line, yoga found me when I was struggling so deeply I knew no way out. Yoga became my way out before I even knew it would be.

And this month is all about yoga! National Yoga Month. There are dozens no hundreds of styles of yoga out there in today’s yoga world and that means you can surely find something that works for you.

National Yoga Month Why Get On Your Yoga Mat Blog | Hope Zvara

Even today, I still hear from yoga watchers and potential students “I just don’t think yoga is for me”. And my usual response is “why”? I honestly want to hear why they think it’s not for them. And still, even in a world filled with TONS OF YOGA students are still apprehensive to give it a try.

I hear things like: “I’m to fat”, “I’m not flexible enough”, “People will look at me”, “I’m too old”, “I’m in a bad place in my life right now, maybe later”. On and on and on they go, but every response I hear-yoga is a solution!

Yoga is a mirror for your everyday life, yoga is an opportunity to get real with yourself, and raw with what is really going on in your life, and oh yeah, it’s a great physical practice to tone, stretch and balance EVERYTHING.

So why get on your mat today?

Well, for starters, yoga instantly give us a fresh new outlook for the day, between the breathing (you know that thing we need to do in order to stay alive), the focusing, the mindful movements our thirsty bodies and minds get an overhaul into the present moment.

And unless you’re born in perfect balance and still are able to perfectly able to maintain that state of homeostasis today then it’s time to hop on over to your mat (or a mat, or any mat for that matter) and start breathing, focusing and moving with real purpose. Because I promise (and I don’t promise often) you will (if you promise to try) leave feeling better than when you came, you WILL have better focus for the day, a sense of clarity, bit more pep in your step, a better nights sleep, and well lets be honest yoga makes a lot of happy people, and who doesn’t want to be happy?

Happy yo-ga-ing!


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