We have all been there- doing something we know darn well we shouldn’t be doing, but still continue to do it, hoping and praying for different results. Waking up the same way each day and expecting the sky to open and our new life to fall into our laps.

Knowing gosh darn well what our next steps have to be in order to get where we want to go, where our life is asking us to go, but excuses, over thought reasons why right now is not a good time flood our minds like the Three Gorges Dam (in China) opening its gates.

So we sit, we mope, feel sorry for our selves, or worse yet we keep saying in six months, next year, next year, next year, and before we know it it’s five years later.

I have been caught in this cycle many of times, and just last year I took some huge steps to stop the excuses cycle, I invested in myself in ways I just always said I would do “when”. And last year it hit me-it’s been ten years since you opened the studio Hope, next year is NOW!

I had made small changes but never changed my full thinking, and I was always so caught up with “survival” tasks, because that was my learned mentality that I never really stepped back to reevaluate where I was in my life and business (truly stepped back) to realize that I was, in fact, doing the same thing expecting different results.

So what has become more and more apparent to me, is that unless you change your thinking and change your ways of living so they match, things will never really change.

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Unless you step outside that little tiny box of yours (or mine), things will never go the direction you either intended or the direction they potentially could and more. Fear rules so many of us, we loathe those who step out and pad those comments with excuses why they are there and we are not. We then fluff up our reasons why we aren’t there to help us not to have to truly look in the mirror and see what we are or are not doing, so we don’t have to change.

What is the next step? OK Hope, then where do I go from here? Well, speaking from experience, something different than what you are doing currently. That may mean doing less than what you are, or doing more, or taking a risk, or asking for help, or investing in yourself more than what you are used to.

Because I don’t think you have to totally know what the next step(s) is to take one, step out, dip your toe in the water and see what happens.

I have a loved one who always says “next year”, “not now, we can’t”, and I have watched years go by as he continues to use this statement to not do things outside his comfort zone, never truly take a risk, yet he continually complains how he feels he is never getting ahead.

Ever consider you are not getting ahead because you’re not moving your feet in any other direction other than circles? You are not getting ahead because instead of creating a plan, sitting down and really mapping out what you want, you are simply doing what in right in front of you never ever take the time to consider that what is there might not be right for you?

We are missing out because we are juggling too many things.

Don’t you agree? Isn’t that mostly all of us? We think that the more we do, the more successful we are. That the more we take on, the more money we will make. The more we keep everything under only our wing, the better off we will be.

This was my old thinking. I grew up with a wonderful father, he worked hard, did not have an easy life, and for what it’s worth now, he did the best he could. But as I got older I realized that he had many, many opportunities to be more successful, make more money and live an even better life. But he repeatedly chose not to, due to fear,  seeing then that he’d have to take a chance at something, that he may have to learn something new and ask for help. Heck-I thinks the fear of not struggling was even scary because that was all he knew.

As an adult in her thirties now, with a business, a house, a husband, three kids, 32 chickens, a barn cat and two dogs, and a community of people who trust, follow and believe in me-I, several years ago, decided I was not going to become my father.

But in his defense, what I did take from him was his drive, determination, dedication, work ethic, and never-give-up and do it yourself attitude.

Except I changed one vital thing, because at some point you cannot do it all yourself, you need to let go and step back from some things in order to allow other things in and other areas of your life to flow.

So I want to ask you the same question a wonderful person asked me about four years ago, the same question each week I continually ask myself:

“What do you need to let go of, what is now allowing you to use your time to the best of your ability and is that an area that others can do for you?

So here is a little self-reflection Q&A for you to dig into truly where you are and where you desire to be on your journey towards your ultimate success…

10 Vital Questions to Ask Yourself if You Really Want to Move Towards Success and the Bigger Picture:

1.       What am I currently doing in my life to move me towards my big goals?

2.       Is what I am doing right now hindering those big goals, deterring me from making real progress or is what I am doing moving me forward?

3.       Is change present? Without change, everything just stays the same.

4.       Are you letting go? Letting go is not a bad thing, it is not a sign of something ending, but rather the beginning of something better.

5.       Where do you need help? Where can you let someone in to help? You really can’t do it all and when you do you not only miss out on vital things in your life but you actually hinder your progress to the future.

6.       Whose footsteps are you walking in? What I mean is whose patterns are you repeating that never worked, we typically become our parents, but you can choose to become the good qualities of your parents and harness the downfalls and make them your power hitters, why because you know firsthand how they play out.

7.       Drop the things that do not fuel your fire. Old thinking is doing things only for the money, just to pay the bills, and with the laws of attraction and abundance in place if you keep doing things that no longer bring you joy who will you ever attain your joy and your bigger picture.

8.       Listen to your gut and others. Get clear with your vision and then consult the crap out of others. You don’t have to do everything they say but they see usually what you do not. It can’t hurt, right?

9.       Are you surrounding yourself with people that support you or drain you? This is a no-brainer, and there is nothing worse than that (take it from me).

10.   Finally, what does your big picture look like and what is your current map look like to get there? If you are too busy to map or dream this up then you are probably far too busy to get there, distracted by little things just continually getting you by.

We are all simply on this journey we call life together, let’s ride the waves and be willing to fall, get back up and do it again. Without fear, without regret, without holding back!

Where are you on your journey, what has helped you, what a’ha moments have had that was critical to your success and fearless attitude–I want to hear about them in the comments section below!

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