Mindful Movement Studio: mindful movement, yoga exercises and meditation guidance online

“Taking what you learn on the mat into your everyday life!”

For more than fifteen years, Hope has been in the mind-body space advocating to others the need to slow down and be in their bodies.

“I see a gap. We are doing yoga, we are moving our bodies around, but are we really present? The connection is our lives are much like that: moving around, doing all the right things, but we are not there.”

Hope has taken a unique approach to yoga by developing traditional yoga poses into movements that better mimic our everyday actions. In addition to this physical aspect, she also focuses on the mindfulness, meditation, and breathing techniques that have long been perfected by ancient yoga practice.

Programs designed with you in mind. There is something for everyone.


Mindful Movement Studio: mindful movement, yoga exercises and meditation guidance online
Core Functional Fitness: core stability, mobility, and functionality fitness training online
Pelvic-Core Restore 10 Week Mini Ball Excercise Program
Asana Video Library: Yoga postures, tips and techniques
All Twisted Up: 2-hr functional movement guide to relieve spine and back pain and discomfort.
Chair Yoga Online for all student levels
12 Days of Fitness: Online Yoga Video Series
Prenatal Yoga Video Online Studio
Master Plank Poses Online Video Course
As teachers, yoga teachers at that, it is very easy to fall into a rut where we begin to teach
Begin in a table top position, wrists under shoulder and knees under hips. Place a small ball or a foam block
Greetings Yogis, July is off to a great start & I look forward to seeing you all on your mats
Summer is off to a great start! Sun is shining, birds are chirping and the yoga mats are unfolding. This
A tendency to think & act spontaneously rather than from fear.An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.Loss of interest in
Are You Living Your Life or Someone Else's?
Asteya translates to “non-stealing” (or to me, to live with integrity). It is more than just the obvious, though. My

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