Master Plank ExerciseWhy Master Plank Exercise?  Because Planking is literally the new sit-ups. Out with the old and in with the new!

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But, then again, sit-ups for me have been out for about a decade. It’s hard to break old habits, especially if our bodies and minds are so use to doing sit-ups, that NOT doing them just seems wrong (even though what we are doing during sit-ups isn’t really doing much of anything).

There are a lot of versions of Plank out there – some are quite scary and others quite nice.  As a yoga teacher and functional fitness expert who focuses on proper integration of our core muscles, Plank is just screaming for me to come and play!

I love to teach… and I love to teach how to properly feel postures and movement in the body just as much as I love a good latte. I tell my students and teacher trainers regularly (they probably feel like I’m a tape recorder at times), “just because you are performing the posture does not mean you are using the right muscles and will benefit from it the way it was intended.”

Unfortunately, I think many fall into this category… trying to keep up in class, possessing little body awareness (it’s a work in progress), and receiving instruction that is, well, less than adequate.  All of this leaves us grasping at straws as to what the heck we are doing in the first place.

Well wonder no more! I want to solve that problem for you and give you the “goods” without a bunch of leg work (well there will be some leg work involved).

What if in just five moves you could be mastering Plankasana and rocking the core you have?!

What if I could promise you that the instruction I am going to give you is fool-proof, and provide the essential details everyone else has been missing (don’t blame them, they were probably never taught to teach how, but rather just teach to mimic)?

What if these five variations of Plank were exactly what you have been searching for to reeve up your practice?

I promise you, not a single one of these 5 moves in my Master Plank course are a Burppe, or some version of a burped up Burppe or any other mindless, body-flailing move that is based on simply tiring you out to make you feel like it’s effective. I believe less is more.

When you slow down a movement and teach people what muscles they should be using (and how to access and how to use them), the movement no longer needs to be done quickly. If you want to, you can surely speed up the dial, but until you can honestly say you are in your body (as it was designed) then slow down the horse and get to navigating our core.

Are you ready? It’s free 🙂

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