Making the Impossible- Possible

How many times have you been told or told another that something couldn’t be done?

That what was being thought or dreamed up was “impossible” and would never happen.

Now I don’t know about you but when someone tells me something is impossible, that only pushes me more to prove them wrong. It pushes me to not just find the solution, but to be the solution.

Explore Possibility Thinking

So many great companies, products, and solutions have come about because of someone (or many) rising up above just being average.

A barista can surely go to work each day at the coffee house and brew coffee, serve lattes and wipe tables. Do a good job and create an environment that customers are happy with. But when that barista comes to work and brews (pun intended) the desire to solve coffees problems one drip at a time, problems that could and probably are overlooked- the impossible becomes possible. New coffee flavors are born, fancy messages are crafted in the foam are brought to life, and problems that others didn’t even know existed are solved because that one person decided that being average wasn’t good enough anymore.

I have known for most of my life that I wasn’t average. That I had a different outlook on life. And from a young age for some reason, my parents would continually focus those words on me and confirm to me as much as they knew possible, that it was O.K. for me to dance to the beat of my own drum. I wasn’t always successful and have had my own ups and downs, but being average was never in the cards for me. Walking away from the impossible and sleeping great at night was never a combination that sat well with me.

Every job I have ever worked at I have strived to do more than was requested of me, not to get more pay (although that would have been sweet), or be a favorite, but because that was what I was taught to do, take pride in everything I do and treat others as you want them to treat you.

When you work to rise above average you keep yourself interwoven into the ebb and flow of this thing we call life.

You stay fresh, you keep yourself from giving up. It’s like going in the funhouse at the fair. Each year my kids have to go in, the mirrored maze entices them to keep going and as they go on they are only more determined to find the opening at the end to make it out.

Yes, life will have its fair share of funhouse mazes, but each maze does have a solution. There is a super fun slide at the end that will lead you to yet another fun house and yet another super fun slide.

I don’t know what your job is, where you are in life, what your struggles are. But I do know one thing-

Your thoughts cultivate your actions, and your actions cultivate your outcome.

What would it be like for just a moment, you would consider rising above average?

What would it be like if you just considered going out of your way and do more than what the minimum requirement is?

I have discovered that there really is a possibility within in all impossibilities, but few truly are interested and invested in the efforts (also known as work) to get there.

What about you?



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