Killer core workoutWhen it comes to a killer core workout, stability trumps mobility.  When you combine that with deep core activation you get tons of fun! Grab your gilders, paper plates or towels for ease of sliding and get ready to rock your core!

This is my functional tribute to my fourth grade gym class when we did mountain climbers, back then a crazy step forward, step back movement where my hips were all over the place, this version is a bit more stable and a lot more core involved.

Let’s get started!

1.       Start in Plank with your props placed under the balls of your feet.

2.       Contract continuously your pelvic core (pelvic floor + core muscles)

3.       Keep your wrists under your shoulders and do not hike your hips but rather sneak your knee under your torso and then tuck it up tightly to your chest.

4.       Exhale to slide the leg under the body and then at the last second tuck it extra tight and inhale mindfully and skillfully return it back to Plank.

5.       Work to not move too quick at first as that is not the point, but rather to ensure you can feel your core tell your legs to move.

6.       Try for 30 seconds to one minute of consistent leg strides and see how it goes.

7.       Be mindful not to get sloppy, saggy hips or head, hiking your hips up and you tuck your leg under.

Ready, get set…. GO!

TIP: If you notice your lower back or hip flexors flairing you know your are probably not keeping stability or using your hip flexors for stability rather than your deep core!

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