Monday’s message!


Are you living or merely existing? A question I often ask myself.

So many of us are just here, just a body moving through the motions of life and occasionally feeling accomplished or of value. We say we are too busy, too poor, too uneducated to do everything and anything.

We are the ones that hold ourselves back. We can blame and point fingers all we want be in the end we are the ones who make the final decision, to say or to leave, to help or to hurt, to give or to take, to be different or stay the same. Many of us will quote another justifying our actions or more accurately our lack of actions in reasons why we shouldn’t JUMP, shouldn’t leap, shouldn’t go for it. And speaking for myself all of these reasons are just excuses because we don’t want to JUMP, we are too afraid of JUMPING and what will happen when we jump.

Will we fall, will we skin our knee, will we make a wound so deep it speaks to us “see what happens when you get up and JUMP”. But that jump will get easier, you will soon have practice on a smoother landing, and those wounds will turn into survival scars, each with a lesson embedded into it.

And so when you JUMP you make your life YOURS, when you JUMP you stop blaming everyone else. And when you stop waiting around for the “perfect job, perfect partner, that perfect just doesn’t exists” you finally have a life worth living.

There will always be something to fear, to give you temporary comfort to not take the next step. When you look at your life after listening to all of that, stop and listen to what you say to yourself. Are you filled with excuses, blame, or reasons why you can’t. OR are you pondering how to JUMP.

After high school I went to college because that was what I was told you do after high school, a year in I discovered my gift and it was not only a relief to not have to go back (because it just wasn’t for me) I felt free and all my cards were in-in doing what I loved. I JUMPED, some where not happy because that’s not how you are suppose to do it, but I still JUMPED.

Know that there is no right way to JUMP, you just have to do it. Ten years ago an employer pushed me to the edge and something in me snapped. I went out that night with my now husband Brian Krebs​ and we found a space to rent and one month later, a lot of favors called in and $435 in my checking account (really that was all I had) I opened up my own yoga studio. I made tons of mistakes (and still do), I was and still am self taught, but I JUMPED.

I have JUMPED so many times I often feel “damn when can I stop JUMPING”, but what I have discovered is you never stop JUMPING. The good news is that the more you jump the more you come to discover the jump gets easier, it can become even exciting, you blame less, if at all, and you are happier. As Steve says in this video clip, to one day be old and gray and look back and say “I wish I would have” is a sad statement. And one that continues to motivate me to JUMP and keep going regardless if people understand or not (and most won’t).

No one has ever accomplished something great by waiting around, patience is key, but don’t confuse patience with doing nothing.

No risk-no reward (period).

In the words of Steve Harvey: “JUMP at least once in your life”.

Namaste my friends, Happy Monday!


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