If you have ever practiced yoga or attended a yoga class it would be fair to say that you would have then participated in one of yoga’s staple postures-the lunge. In yoga low lunge and high lunge (Anjaneyasana) are definitely two staple postures with a back pocket full of variations. Now I’m not here to talk about all the decorations on the Christmas tree that can be put on to make it sparkle more, but rather I want to develop insight as to the blue print of this pose.

Considered an asymmetrical posture in yoga, meaning the right and left side are not doing the same thing, it is vital that you have a good foundation set up to help create stability, decrease pain and injury and increase healthy movement patterns both on and off the mat.

Before you watch my HOW TO video packed with great information for a safe, effective, stretch and strength building lunge, here are a few good tips to remember:

  1. Actually look at your body. While in the pose turn your head and look at your foot, look at your hips and peer down at your toes. When you can see what is going on you can much more easily make change.
  2. Touch and feel for alignment and misalignment. Yep, I am constantly telling my students to touch their hips, back, feet, arms; because when you touch a part of your body you become more aware of it. I call it ‘touch awareness’; this will help you feel more and develop the necessary insight to make the changes you need to make for a pain free, healthy, strong practice.
  3. Practice feeling in your body. When you are in lunge, or any pose for that matter, practice turning inward and try to pin point what you feel where. This will surely help you, your yoga teacher and any other health practitioner you are seeing help you. Because when you say your back hurts, the back is a huge area, lets help to narrow it down.

Now good luck and happy lunging.

P.S. When you watch this video I would suggest to watch it without practicing the first time as it is packed with information about your lunge, then replay it and participate with me.

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